WATERFLUX: self-powered for ten years


Source: KROHNE

KROHNE introduces WATERFLUX, an electromagnetic water meter that sets new standards with its high sampling rate and battery life of ten years. The GSM-capable water meter allows users to read flow rates using the internet or a cell phone.

The WATERFLUX water meter has all the advantages of mechanical water meters while offering an elegant solution for traditionally problematic applications, such as water with suspended particles as well as bi-directional metering. Its unencumbered measuring path makes WATERFLUX far superior to traditional water meters with respect to pressure drop and long-term stability, which are affected by the mechanics of conventional meters. WATERFLUX also has a decisive price advantage, which rises with increasing nominal diameter. Elimination of the costs of filters, rectifiers and cleaning intervals required for some mechanical meter applications further add to cost savings.

Because WATERFLUX is an electromagnetic rather than a mechanical water meter, it requires electric power. However, in most applications, the geographic location of the site makes connecting the meter to the power grid too expensive and complex. The WATERFLUX meter is designed to take accurate measurements, even though the electrical energy it consumes is a factor of 5000 less than that of conventional electromagnetic flowmeters. Users must rely on data transmission in remote shafts or well connecting chambers. WATERFLUX water meters feature a built-in compact module that includes a data logger and a GSM transmitter. The data logger stores all flow data, including peak values and low flow rates during nighttime operation. Data is transmitted via SMS or GPRS to the nearest public transmission tower and from there to an internet or cellular phone network server. This technology works with a separate battery.

WATERFLUX features not only accurate flow measurement, but also continuous diagnostics in accordance with applicable standards such as OIML R 49, EN 14154, ISO 4064 and MI-001. This self-diagnosis monitors and automatically reports improper functioning of the electronics, or faulty sensor electrodes.

It reports battery charge condition and even provides a cable-break alarm. The measuring accuracy conforms to the latest ISO / EN and MI-001 standards specifications. WATERFLUX is therefore suitable for 'business dealings'.

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