“We” campaign to our nation’s leaders: FREE US

Today, the “We” Campaign released a new TV ad making an aggressive call to America's political and business leaders to take meaningful action our country's energy crisis – the core of which lies in America's addiction to fossil fuels.

The ad, entitled “Free Us,” represents the next step in the We campaign's policy- and public opinion-focused effort, building on former Vice President Al Gore's July 17 challenge to “Repower America” by generating 100 percent of our electricity from clean sources within 10 years.

More and more, ordinary Americans across the country are demanding that our leaders, as the ad says, “free us from our addiction to oil…from $4.00 [plus] per gallon gas” and promote the clean energy infrastructure and equipment needed to bolster America's flagging economy and make a dent in rising energy prices.

As stated in the ad, “There is no time to waste. We want a better future. We demand a better future. We the American people are no longer asking.”

“The 'Free Us' ad takes a different tone than our previous efforts,” said Cathy Zoi, CEO of the nonpartisan Alliance for Climate Protection, which is managing the We Campaign. “This ad issues a direct and compelling challenge and juxtaposes the stark imagery of our addiction to fossil fuels with the earnest faces of the American people who are calling for answers and solutions now. It takes the call for renewable energy from a request to a demand.”

“Free Us” will run nationally on cable news channels and will have a deliberately intensified run in Denver during the Democratic National Convention and Minneapolis during the Republican National Convention.

“The conventions are about coming together to choose the ideas and the people who will lead us forward,” said Alliance CEO Zoi. “The next American President has the inescapable responsibility to move our country away from fossil fuels and toward clean, sustainable energy sources. Our economic and environmental futures depend on it, and the American people are demanding it.”

“Free Us” follows on the heels of “Switch,” a national TV spot in which Americans of all backgrounds – rural and urban, blue collar and white collar – make the change from fossil fuels to cleaner, renewable forms of energy by symbolically turning on a giant light switch. The ad is currently running on NBC and the USA Network during their Olympics coverage.

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