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Fertilizer Mixer Machine

The biaxial mixer rotated through two sets of shafts with spiral blades. Spraying and mixing the powdered material with water to make the powdery materials reach controllable humidity. This equipment is mainly suitable for the humidification and mixing of raw materials in the fertilizer industry. Allow the material to stir well. And compatible with the delivery function.

Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery is a professional fertilizer mixing machine manufacturer, this article will introduce this machine in detail.

Introduction Of The Biaxial Mixing Machine

The biaxial mixer uses the synchronous rotation of two symmetrical spiral shafts. Add water and stir while conveying dry powder and other powdery materials, and evenly humidify the powdery material. So that the humidified material does not take dry ash and does not ooze water droplets. The purpose is to facilitate the transportation of humidified ash loading vehicles or transfer to other conveying equipment.

Use And Characteristics

The biaxial mixer used in the pre-watering granulation process. The whole mixing divided into three areas of atomization area, the mixing area, and the discharge area. The hard gold head welded on the stirring blade, which has good wear resistance and long service life.

Equipment Structure Of The Fertilizer Mixing Machine

The biaxial mixer mainly composed of the following parts:

1. Main motor and cycloidal pinwheel reducer (transmission machinery).

2. For the meshing transmission gear.

3. Front and rear thrust bearing assemblies.

4. Main and passive spiral mixing shaft.

5. The tank body.

6. Humidifier.

7. In and out of the material.

8. The base frame.

Structural Performance Of The Machine

1. The shell mainly composed of sheet metal and section steel. It welded and formed in the factory and assembled with other components. It is the support of the biaxial mixer. The shell tightly sealed and there will be no fly ash and ash leakage.

2. The water conditioning and humidity control pipe mainly composed of a nozzle, a joint, and a nozzle. The nozzle adopts a stainless steel atomizing cone nozzle, which arranged above the inside of the mixer casing and arranged axially along the direction of the screw axis formed a water curtain to facilitate humidification and agitation of the material. The nozzle structure is simple, easy to replace, stainless steel material, anti-corrosion and durable. The moisture content of the wet ash can be adjusted through operating a manual regulating valve on the water supply line.

3. The cover plate mainly includes a left cover, a middle cover, a right cover, a hole cover, and a manhole cover. There are six manholes on both sides of the biaxial mixer to facilitate the operator's usual inspection and maintenance. A biaxial mixing machine used for the pneumatic conveying end.

Working Principle Of The Biaxial Mixing Machine

When the feeder uniformly introduced the dry powdery material through the feeding port. The power transmission mechanism drives the spiral main shaft with the plurality of sets of blades to rotate, and the passive screw shaft and the main shaft driven to the constant speed through the meshing transmission gear. So that the material stirred and pushed to the tank humidification section. After the material pushed to the humidification section, the humidifier automatically wets the material, and then the mixture fully stirred after the tank body stirred. After the humidity discharged from the discharge port, it will enter the next process.

Choosing a suitable fertilizer mixer and using it properly will significantly improve the quality of the mix. It will soon reflect a benign effect in the production process. If you can further master the technology of self-mixing, you can also greatly reduce the cost of materials, thereby increasing profits.