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Fertilizer Screening Machine

The vibration sieve belongs to a new type of high-precision fine-grain screening equipment, which can achieve a satisfactory screening effect on particles and fine powder. Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery is a professional fertilizer screening machine manufacturer, this article will introduce vibration sieve in detail.

Vibration Sieve Introduction

The sieve body of the vibration sieve divided into a single layer and double layer. The screen mesh made of manganese steel with excellent quality, and the structure is simple and convenient to operate. The screen aperture can select according to user requirements.

Structure Features Of The Vibration Sieve

The vibration sieve mainly composed of a sieve box, a screen frame, a screen mesh, a vibration motor, a motor pedestal, a vibration-damping spring, a bracket, and so on.

1. Screen box: It made of several kinds of steel plates with different thicknesses and has certain strength and rigidity. It is the main component of the screen machine.

2. Grid: This part made of pine or less deformed wood, mainly used to keep the screen flat, to achieve normal screening. Or use steel grid (stainless steel or carbon steel)

3. Screen net: Stainless steel 304 high-quality screen, anti-rust, and anti-corrosion.

4. Vibration motor: Different models correspond to different powers.

5. Motor pedestal: Install the vibration motor. The connecting screw must tighten before use. In particular, the new sieve machine must tighten repeatedly three days before the trial to avoid loose accidents.

6. Damping spring: Prevents vibration from transmitting to the ground and supports the full weight of the screen box. When installing, the spring must perpendicular to the ground.

7. Bracket: It consists of four pillars and two-channel steels, which support the screen box. When installing, the pillars must perpendicular to the ground, and the channels below the two pillars should parallel to each other.

Working Principle Of The Machine

The power transmitted from the motor through the V-belt to the drive shaft of the exciter and the geared vibrator (speed ratio is 1). So that the three shafts rotate at the same speed, generating exciting force, and the vibration exciter connected with the high-strength bolt of the screen box to generate elliptical motion. The material moves on the screen surface with the high-speed ellipse of the sieve machine, and quickly layered, sieved and forwarded to complete the classification of the material.

The high-quality vibration motor used as the vibration source. When working, the motor eccentric block rotates in the opposite direction. The two motors in the horizontal direction have a combined force of zero and then forming a resultant force perpendicular to the motor shaft direction. The motor shaft and the sieve plate form a certain angle. Together, the material thrown up on the screen while moving forward. The material uniformly fed into the feed port of the sieve machine through the feeder, and then several products produced through the plurality of different aperture screens. At the same time, the unqualified sieve objects and the sieve objects respectively discharged from the respective outlets. 

Advantage Of The Vibration Sieve

1. Stable work, long life, and high efficiency.

2. The screen design is unique and the screen change speed is fast.

3. According to the different screening materials, you can flexibly set the screen surface distance or inclination angle.

4. Energy-saving and environmental protection, low energy consumption, and low noise.

5. Multi-layer screening can use to separate materials at multiple levels.

Choosing a suitable fertilizer screening machine and using it properly will significantly improve the quality of the fertilizer. It will soon reflect a benign effect in the production process. If you can further master the technology, you can also greatly reduce the cost of materials, thereby increasing profits.