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Webinar: compare oil water separation options


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Learn How To Prevent Heavy Plugging, Increase Time Between Cleanings, And Ensure Compliance With Your Oily Wastewater Processing.

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On Thursday July 28th Mercer International's David Goding and international industry expert Philip D'Angelo taped a webinar geared toward helping engineering, compliance, and maintenance departments reach common ground when assessing the three major questions that relate to removing oil and solids from water:

  • How do I prevent my company from incurring fines and citations?
  • How do I increase the time between maintenance/cleaning schedules and still produce satisfactory effluent?
  • How do I save my company money in regard to our separator equipment?

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Regulatory mandates governing the allowable oil and solids effluent concentration call for strict evaluation, making it crucial for those tasked with compliance or environmental oversight to select the most efficient technologies for separation processing. However, efficiency is meaningless unless engineers and maintenance professionals are able to maintain efficiency for sustained periods of time.

Using examples from today's industry trends and actual case studies, you will discover what you need to know about:

  • Industry trends, challenges and opportunities as well as a review of the 5 mainstream options on the market today.
  • True cost of ownership (TCO) as it relates to the lifecycle of oil water separation (OWS)
  • Critical issues that are often overlooked when selecting an oil water separator and pitfalls that are inherent in most traditional designs 

Who Should View: Anyone who is evaluating Oil Water Separation, maintaining oil water separators or tasked with compliance or environmental oversight.

Featured Experts Who Will Be Presenting:

Philip D'Angelo is Vice President of JoDAN Technologies, LTD, a Pennsylvania technology consulting firm that provides process chemistry and water treatment consulting to electric utilities as well as commercial and industrial clients in the US and aboard. Prior to founding JoDan Technologies Phil spent 22 years with PECO Energy Co. as a plant and corporate process chemist for nuclear and fossil plant operations and later as Manager of Corporate Chemistry. During his tenure with PECO Energy, he was assigned to the Electric Power Research Institute, for 3 years. He worked as an EPRI project manager for the application development of Ion Exchange resins and the process development of Pleated and Hollow fiber filtration technologies on a worldwide basis. Mr. D'Angelo has presented and published numerous technical papers and presented seminars on utility process chemistry, separation sciences and waste treatment at many national and several international conferences in the USA, Europe and Russia. He holds two patents in 'Methods for Purification of Liquids' in radioactive waste processes.

Dave Goding, Owner and Founder of Mercer International, has been Involved in the process design of wastewater treatment systems including equipment such as DAF, clarifiers, physical/chemical treatment technologies, electro-coagulation, ultra filtration, oil/water separation, automatic oil skimming, filters, carbon polishing, physical chemical treatment, and pH adjustments. He holds several patents, including one for the Multi Pack Coalescer system, which is the foundation of the Mercer International's High performance Compliance Master Oil Water Separator.

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