WEIMA develops F-Rotor for shredding of filaments and films


Source: WEIMA

WEIMA Maschinenbau GmbH, Ilsfeld, has further developed the rotor of the single shaft WLK type shredder especially for difficult shredding of textile filaments, tapes, but also for films etc. The co-called F-Rotor (F=filaments) is characterised by novel blade separation and cutting geometry designed for the purpose of use. This guarantees an optimal shredding process with high energy efficiency.

When shredding multifilaments, big bags, and also films, with single shaft shredders, these materials tend to wrap themselves around the used rotors. that are not designed specifically for these applications. Many materials begin then to melt, due to the friction that arises, frequently leading to blocking of the machines.

The new F-Rotor has been designed in such a way that the full extent of the rotor engages completely with the stator blade and quickly shreds the material. The markedly narrower cutting gap compared with early rotor versions guarantees controlled feeding of the material to be shredded, so that wrapping around the rotor is prevented.

The flakes produced, especially from films, filaments, etc., are pressed through the screen perforations in highly compressed form, so that they expand afterwards to the original volume. In order to avoid this then causing blockage, the machines are designed with an exposed screen basket, so that the flakes can fall onto the conveyor belt installed underneath the machine without being forced by pressure. The ground material produced can be processed directly without further treatment in a downline extrusion line.

The rotors are provided on their sides with rotating discs (“filament sealing”) that fit within the machine wall so that no material can penetrate to the exterior. Furthermore, the rotors sit entirely in recessed rotor bearings, in such a way that penetration of material and consequent damage to the bearings is prevented.

The screens of the machines are made according to specific customer requirements with screen perforations of 30-100mm. The screen basket can be fully swivelled, enabling simple maintenance and fast servicing.

The F-Rotors are used with working widths of 800 mm to 3,000 mm and with rotor diameters of 368 mm to 600 mm. The drive of the single shaft shredder takes place with options of electromechanical, hydraulic and direct drive.

WEIMA Maschinenbau GmbH has been constructing shredding machinery for a very wide number of tasks for more than 25 years, including those for customers in the plastics, wood and recycling industries throughout the world. The company has approx. 200 employees worldwide and has its own sales locations in France, United Kingdom, America, Japan, Poland and Russia, as well as a worldwide network of more than 50 representative agencies. The production programme includes single shaft shredders, double and quadruple shaft shredders, granulators and briquetting presses and lines, as well as accessory equipment.

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