WEIMA Premieres Shredder at K 2016


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What event could provide a more suitable framework for a product presentation than the leading trade show in the plastics industry in Dusseldorf? The size reduction specialist from Ilsfeld (Germany) will present its all-new WKS single-shaft shredder series with 1400, 1800, and 2200 mm working width. Because they were specially designed for plastic applications, the new machines aim for shredding voluminous objects, tear-resistant fibers and film. Visitors will be able to take a closer look at the WKS 1800, which will be on display at the WEIMA booth.

There are plenty of companies out there building shredders. However, finding the right balance between high throughput and comfortable maintenance is what makes the real difference in designing a size reduction machine.

WKS Plastic Shredder 

One of the most obvious new features is the newly designed material feeding system. Instead of a horizontal ram, the new WKS series has a so-called “swing-ram,” which is guided on rolls. This is what makes the shredder very compact and easy to maintain. It also allows a more aggressive material infeed. Optionally, an attachment can be added to the swing arm to optimize feeding. The low feeding point with a height of only 2.2 meters enables customers to fill the hopper via conveyor belt, forklift, or by hand. All WKS shredding machines are suitable to be run as a stand-alone solution or as part of a multiple-stage plant — a plastic recycling line including an extrusion system, for example.

Maintenance made easy.

In order to optimize maintenance actions, the new WKS single-shaft shredders are equipped with an inspection flap. Using this flap will enable users to reach foreign objects or to rotate/change cutting knives without climbing inside the hopper. Also, changing screens has become more convenient due to a liftable screen basket. This grants an easy access to the screen segments.

Another characteristic to point out is the sturdy machine design. WEIMA’s new shredders rely on an optimized frame structure with 40 mm thick sidewalls, which significantly reduce vibrations and wear. In addition, there is the increased rotor diameter of 500 mm. In accordance to the application, WKS shredders come with a V rotor for lumps, hollow and voluminous parts, or an F rotor designed for fibers and film. Customers are able to choose from two drive concepts: The powerful hydraulic drive or the electromechanical power belt drive. Cutting knives are available in 40, 60, and 80 mm.

Which drive do you need?

If you opt for a shredder with a hydraulic drive, it is possible to stop, start and reverse the rotor at any point and at full load, even in the most challenging conditions. Its simple structure and fast reaction time makes it almost resistant to any kind of impurities (foreign objects). Secure and fast-acting overload protection is also achieved by installing a pressure limiting valve and by simply reversing the direction of rotation. The torque and rotational speed can be adjusted flexibly, quickly, uniformly and gradually, without creating current surges and without having to use a frequency converter. The robust drive boasts extremely high torques over any period and a low kW consumption. The power consumption drops as a result of the low connection output in combination with an identical or even higher throughput. On a whole, it is possible to significantly cut the operating costs.

The conventional power belt drive output is transferred using a standard motor and a power belt. It also comes with a special WAP gearbox being manufactured by WEIMA in Germany. This gearbox type is extremely maintenance-friendly, designed to be low-wear and built very rugged. The main advantage of the WAP gearbox is its ability to absorb heavy impacts. Complex hydraulic units are not necessary with this simple, tried and tested drive option. The additional hydrodynamic clutch protects the shredder from major damage. Users benefit from a smooth machine start, even when the hopper is fully loaded. This eliminates extreme power demand spikes, which helps the user avoid excessive energy costs. Low investment costs and user-friendly repair options make the power belt drive a cost-effective alternative.

Visit WEIMA at the K show in hall 9, booth A59.

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