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Outstanding cost-benefit ratio speaks for RUBBLE MASTER® Compact Recyclers
About 1,000 small, medium-sized and an increasing number of large building contractors worldwide trust in the quality of RUBBLE MASTER Compact Recyclers – flexible, mobile crushing and screening equipment for the cost-efficient processing of residual building waste and natural rock. Using high-performance impact crushers RUBBLE MASTER users make high-quality building materials from a variety of - sometimes worthless - starting materials with only one operator, low wear and high throughput continuity. The crushed material can then be additionally refined with efficient screening technology.

Many of them use recycling as a second line of business to secure the future of their business as they can use existing personnel and equipment to make profit in slack periods. Others take advantage of the fast availability of the machines which, thanks to their compact dimensions, are ready for action quickly and without any special transport permits. Plus there are recycling specialists who make profits by carrying out a number of smaller jobs 'close to home', even when times are tough in the building industry.

They also benefit from the excellent environmental compatibility – in particular with the RM70, which operates with no trouble at all even on inner-city sites where space is limited and residents have to be taken into consideration. It is always the sum of the product benefits, the reliability of the machines and the business acumen that result in rapid success.

It is not until they analyse their actual cost situation in an amortisation calculation with their RUBBLE MASTER partner that many building contractors compare the opportunities for demolition and recycling per year with the costs of acquiring and operating a high-performance RUBBLE MASTER Compact Recycler. With, of course, the focus on quality. After all, only with quality in all areas – from rapid availability to fixed deadlines and high-quality material – can a company enjoy long-term success and make a healthy profit with each order.

High quality final product and low environmental impact

The RM60 gives you a complete recycling solution right where you need it. The user generates more profit by processing material on site and reusing it again immediately. With a whole range of applications at your disposal your profit contribution will also be higher. Further advantages: low investment costs, high performance retrofits available at any time, can be loaded using small construction vehicles, local residents are not disturbed.

The RM70 redefines the benchmark for construction machinery. Completely new technical solutions for the transmission, crushing mechanism and overall process technology, plus the implementation of new materials, have brought the RM70 to a previously unattainable level of performance: excellent quality final grain with a very low oversized grain content produced quietly and efficiently. Residents profit from the environmental friendliness of the RM70 by just not being disturbed at all. So the RM70 is ideal for sensitive areas, for small to medium-sized job sites, even where space is tight.

This compact crusher stands out because of its throughput of up to 170 t/h when it only weighs 23 tonnes itself. It can be converted from secondary to primary crusher in just 20 minutes, and is easily transported on a standard low-loader. The RM80 crawler gear even takes it up mountains. Multi-role applications and a varying range of materials prove its high productivity while achieving best results: high quality grain.

The OS80 delivers defined grain size at the highest possible throughput and low wear optimised crusher setup – in a single pass. The screens are highly mobile too because they can be transported with the crusher. Easily set up in 10 minutes using quick-release levers.

The RM100 is designed to handle high throughput and features impact elements that assist the crushing process. The RM100's newly developed vibro channel enables outstanding conveying capacity with all materials, optimised by the second generation RUBBLE MASTER 'Feed Control System'. Material flow through the crusher is extremely smooth and stable, even with large quantities of reinforcing steel. The RM 'Release System' removes any blockages immediately at the press of a button on the remote control unit. The efficiency of the magnetic separator ensures that any steel is completely removed. The final grain can be set using speed control and guarantees perfect quality – plus a final product with a high market value.

The handling of the RM100 is convincing: whether it's in travel mode or crusher mode, the operator handles all the control functions via remote control. All service and maintenance jobs can be handled from the ground. The easy-access approach also adds to the machine's excellent safety concept and ensures changeover times are short. At under 28 tonnes the crawler-equipped RM100 is a typical Compact Recycler that is easy to transport – quickly and without needing any special permits.

With efficient pre-screening and final screening – fine tuned to RUBBLE MASTER compact recyclers - HMH supplies complete solutions to provide users with a decisive competitive advantage featuring semi-mobile screen technology. Even with materials that are awkward to screen it is possible to produce high quality grain graded with precision.

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