Western China International Fair


Source: J.U.M. Engineering GmbH

October 18th through 22nd 2011 Western China International Fair took place in Chengdu. With many highly interested visitors seeing us in our booth as part of the Bavarian Pavilion, the WCIF was a very successful event for us. We displayed a small Total VOC CEM using our model 109L analyzer. We also showed one new and two recently redesigned hydrocarbon analyzers; The new model 603 heated FID, the OVF3000 portable light weight heated FID and our 3-900 portable heated FID to alternately measure Total Hydrocarbons and Methane only. The presentation of Bautz Engineering's AeroFid-100 automatic micro leak detector for filled aerosol cans also gained much interest.

J.U.M. Engineering is an independent privately owned developer and manufacturer of FID based hydrocarbon analyzers  founded in late 1973. J.U.M. Engineering is well  known in the industry since 1984 for their very fast responding aerosol propellant gas analyzer as the key component integrated in the complete line of high speed aerosol can leak testers by Bautz Engineering. 

Our major activities are the continued design and manufacture of heated FID-based total hydrocarbon analyzers and FID-based non methane hydrocarbon gas analyzers for environmental, stack testing, industrial, OEM, automotive and medical applications. Based in Karlsfeld, Germany we work with independent distributors in 36 countries. Many of our international distributors operate authorized factory trained service facilities. Personal attention to our clients,their applications, detector and monitoring requirements are most important for us to support the needs of our clients.

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