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Which levelogger do you need?


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The Solinst Levelogger Series of dataloggers provides you with options for various types of projects. Which Levelogger will suit your application?

The Levelogger Gold measures water level and temperature and offers higher accuracy, robust memory, long battery life, and corrosion resistance, while the Levelogger Junior provides a simplified version for water level and temperature measurement. The LTC Levelogger Junior adds conductivity measurements to your project, and the Rainlogger adds rainfall datalogging. Leveloggers can communicate using your office PC, or in the field with a Leveloader Gold, or an STS or RRL Gold Telemetry System for remote monitoring.

To help determine what instrument and setup you need, the Levelogger Main Page contains useful information such as deployment options, an FAQ section, data sheets, technical bulletins and User Guides.

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