Wildlife Acoustics Announces the Song Meter(TM) SM2M Marine Recorder


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Bringing unparalleled ease of use, features and cost to the marine passive recorder market

VICTORIA, British Columbia, Canada, May 15, 2011 /PR Newswire/ -- (2nd International Marine Conservation Congress) -- Wildlife Acoustics, the leading supplier of acoustic monitoring systems for endangered and threatened wildlife species around the world, announces a new submersible digital recorder.

The Song Meter SM2M Marine Recorder is built around the proven SM2 Terrestrial Recorder Platform and features flexible scheduling, extremely low power consumption and ease of use in a cost effective package. The recorder is designed for short or long-term deployments in fresh or salt water at depths up to 150 meters

'Wildlife Acoustics has sold thousands of terrestrial SM2 acoustic and ultrasonic recorders in dozens of countries worldwide and we are thrilled to bring our bioacoustics expertise to the marine market,' said Ian Agranat, President and CEO of Wildlife Acoustics. 'As with our previous products, we expect the SM2M to offer biologists an unbeatable combination of functionality and value.'

The housing is compact and lightweight, measuring 16.5 centimeters in diameter and 79.4 centimeters long. With no batteries, the recorder weighs 9.5 kilograms in air with 5.5 kilograms of buoyancy and, fully populated with batteries, weighs 13.5 kilograms in air with 1.5 kilograms of buoyancy. The recorder is powered by up to 32 LSD NiMH, alkaline or lithium manganese D cell batteries with recording times up to 760 hours, 1,330 hours and 1,900 hours respectively. The SM2M uses a negligible amount of power while waiting for a scheduled recording allowing the recording time to be scheduled over an extended timeframe.

Sample rates are available from 4kHz to 96kHz. The user can easily program a change of sample rate in the schedule to allow monitoring at different sample rates during one deployment. The integrated hydrophone has a recording bandwidth of 2Hz–40kHz with a flat frequency response (plus or minus 1dB).

Maximum storage capacity is 128GB using four 32GB SDHC cards with planned support of SDXC protocol via firmware upgrade, allowing even greater capacity. Lossless compression is selectable to nearly double maximum recording length. Intelligent triggers are programmable to further decrease card consumption.

The SM2M design allows quick refurbishment of the device shipside for immediate redeployment. The recorder can be anchored and recovered via tether, diver or optional acoustic release.

The Song Meter SM2M Marine Recorder will be available summer 2011 starting at US$4,999.

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Wildlife Acoustics, Inc., a privately held Massachusetts corporation, is the leading provider of bio-acoustic monitoring technology for scientists, researchers, government agencies and environmental consulting firms worldwide since 2003.


SOURCE Wildlife Acoustics, Inc.

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