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Wire chopping that exceeds expectations


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Eldan Recycling has helped Philadelphia’s Northeast Metal Traders amp up its wire processing operations throughout this decade.

Mitchell Goldberg of Philadelphia-based Northeast Metal Traders (NEMT) knew that when buying wire chopping equipment he needed a system that could meet targeted output levels while also creating high-purity chops. Research into the sector he and his colleagues conducted more than five years ago led him into a long-lasting relationship with Eldan Recycling.

Goldberg says that he, along with two colleagues with extensive wire chopping experience, “were able to see a number of existing installations of Eldan equipment and other manufacturers” as they conducted their research. “This experience, along with our previous exposure to other operations, confirmed our selection of Eldan as our vendor of choice.”

Carsten Nielsen, North American sales manager at Denmark-based Eldan, says his firm worked with NEMT to install a system configured to fit space in the company’s existing facility in Philadelphia. An Eldan E2500C was the centerpiece of the system, installed in 2013, and it soon began to exceed its rated output levels and the expectations of its new owners.

“We were able to quickly achieve and then exceed our production goals,” says Goldberg. Nielsen says NEMT’s operators were eventually able to churn out up to 3,000 kilograms (6,600 pounds) of chops per hour with the E2500C—named that way because it is rated for 2,500 kg (5,500 pounds) per hour.

“Eldan expertly advised us in the layout and installation process,” says Goldberg. “They provided talented installation personnel who worked in conjunction with our crew to put the line together quickly.” NEMT has subsequently installed an electrostatic separator to further purify outbound chops. Nielsen says the combined systems are working 20 hours per day.

Jeff Fisher of NEMT also credits the company’s customer base with providing it material ready-made for efficient wire and cable processing. “We are able to make very high purity chops largely because we purchase wire from suppliers known for their quality and because we have very reliable pre-processing sortation techniques,” he comments. “We are fortunate to do business with a network of customers who are knowledgeable about sorting and packaging insulated wire, and who care about quality.”

Goldberg is clear regarding his assessment of his five-year relationship with Eldan. “We treasure our relationship with Eldan. They constantly expose us to new technology and work with us to improve our process with their expertise. For all the reasons above and more, we highly recommend the Eldan team.”

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