Perfect tool for remote level / flow monitoring

Oct 5, 2013 Israel -- GaugerGSM is a SolidAT level sensor for remote level monitoring applications. The sensor is installed in large quantities at remote locations. Some of the locations are spread country-wide, such as when monitoring diesel tanks. Some of the locations are hard-to-reach such as underground sewers. To reduce the setup burden and allow simple tuning of the Gauger configuration, SolidAT recently released a beta version of a new sensor firmware. This firmware provides for remote configuration of the sensor by means of transmitting SMS messages. This scheme, greatly reduces the costs involved in sending a technician to the field. The wireless configuration was tested successfully with underground sewers and above ground applications. This is another advanced feature of GaugerGSM, the product of choice for remote level monitoring of underground sewers, water reservoirs and rivers, diesel tanks and silo farms. Read more about GaugerGSM:


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