Source: OmniMetrix LLC

DECEMBER 2006, NORCROSS, GEORGIA – OmniMetrix, LLC announces the release of its newest product, the GX128. Demonstrated at the recent PowerGen show in Orlando, Florida, the GX128 is compatible with both the GSM cellular network and the Iridium satellite network.

Up until the introduction of the GX128, wireless generator monitoring and control has been limited to the cellular networks in North America. With the introduction of the GX128, wireless monitoring applications are now feasible throughout the world. “We are very excited to be able to introduce a truly global product”, said Harold Jarrett, president of OmniMetrix. “We feel that the incorporation of GSM and Iridium channels will take remote monitoring to a completely new level, opening up markets that were otherwise not accessible or affordable.” The OmniMetrix GX128 utilizes a Modbus interface, monitoring 128 different engine parameters as well as 128 engine alarm conditions. This real-time, web-based product provides high performance monitoring and control for all major genset brands.

OmniMetrix, LLC manufactures wireless monitoring systems used in many diverse applications such as standby power, landfill gas collection and pipeline corrosion control.

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