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Wishing you a merry e-Christmas


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Wimborne based Recruitment Company helps to save 200,000 trees by sending e-Christmas cards this year.

Allen & York are specialists in the Natural and Built environment sectors, focusing heavily on supporting sustainability by initially turning their offices into a green building at the beginning of 2008.

The values of protecting the environment are underpinned in the Company and their actions, and plans will soon be uncovered of efforts to becoming even greener for the future.

Every year over 200,000 trees are pulped to create the cards sent over the Christmas period which last a matter of weeks and as a result cause the environment damage that will take years to overcome.

This year Allen & York have decided to send green Christmas e-cards to stakeholders and have also dedicated 20 new trees in collaboration with the Woodland Trust, as part of their corporate social responsibility within the local community.

Mark Allen, Managing Director at Allen & York, said “It is extremely important to help protect the environment whilst still being able to send out the Christmas message through other channels. By using our ‘recycling focused e-card’ we are in-keeping with the Company’s values and maximising the message to reduce, reuse and recycle!”

Situated near Hazelbury Bryan in Dorset, Hazel Wood was a recently planted site, designed and planted in 1999 by local people to the area. Almost a decade later, Hazel Wood is home to a mixture of native broadleaves including; ash, willow, oak, field maple and hornbeam, densely covering 62% of the original site.

Working in collaboration with the Woodland Trust, Allen & York are delighted to be helping to support Hazel Wood, the UK’s woodland, which is destroyed each year during the festive season.

The Woodland Trust is a woodland conservation charity – established in 1972 – that now has over 1000 sites across the UK covering 50,000 acres of woodland.

“Allen & York are committed to help support and facilitate the successful progression of individuals who have a positive impact on the management of our built and natural environments, our health and safety and our quality of life.' Mark Allen went on to say, ”We are not only focused on placing people in the environmental industry, but also supporting the environmental structure of our local community.”

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