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World`s Largest Natural Gas Producer Eliminates Hard Water Scaling Without Using Any Chemicals


Source: Fluid Dynamics International Ltd

Scaling Caused by Hard Water Removed from Pipework Without the Use of Chemicals

Gazprom is one of the largest suppliers of natural gas in the world.  It pumps gas right across Russia for delivery to Europe. Pumping stations move the gas through the pipelines. At one of their gas  pump stations  well water is pumped  via a 4” pipeline to drinking water systems .. hot water boilers and other services..  Despite chemical treatment scaling was building up in the pipeline and  the equipment.   A non chemical  4” MagCAT scale preventer  manufactured by UK based Fluid Dynamics  was installed in January 2011.  After 6 months of operation part of the pipework was opened up and examined. The Company discovered that not only had all new calcium deposition ceased but 70% of the scale that was already present in the pipeline had been reabsorbed back into the water  the company also noticed a reduction in biological contamination. Benefits from the installation of the MagCAT were estimated to be .. reduction of chemical treatment requirements , reduction of biocide addition and reduction of energy usage due to less resistance from scale.

Fluid Dynamics MagCAT  is a combination of a special metal alloy and a powerful array of magnets . It works without power and has no moving parts  by affecting the solubility of water so that it does not drop calcium in the form of hard scale  in pipework or cooling systems or heat exchangers .In many cases the treated water will absorb already deposited  hard scale from pipe work and equipment.  Fluid Dynamics have  supplied more than 250,000 of its non chemical water treatments to more than 40 countries around the world.


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  1. By Eugene Weiner on

    What is the science behind this?

  2. By Giovanni Varela Sr. on

    the science is "Pseudoscience", there is not a method to test the effluent of this product..... where are the WQA standards and NSF certifications