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WRAP confirms take over of Defra`s sustainable clothing roadmap


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The product roadmaps led by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs will be handed over to the Waste & Resources Action Programme.

WRAP is to take over all those roadmaps that will be actually taken forward and fully implemented. All ten of Defra’s product roadmaps are currently at their pilot stage. These include, clothing, domestic lighting, electric motors, fish and shellfish, milk, passenger cars, plasterboard, TVs, windows and WCs.

The clothing roadmap is the only one nearing implementation stage, therefore, it is the only one currently confirmed to be taken over by WRAP.

Announced at Defra’s Sustainable Clothing Roadmap conference yesterday (23 February), the role change is a part of WRAP’s new expanded activities currently being finalised in the Delivery Landscape Review. This was set up in February 2008 to examine the work of the seven resource efficiency bodies financed by Defra.

A Defra spokesperson said: “Defra is committed to continuing the Sustainable Clothing Roadmap voluntary initiative and strongly welcomes the enthusiastic support industry has taken in committing to actions and participating in industry projects under the roadmap. The textile sector is increasingly embedding sustainability in their activities and the roadmap will continue to be the framework for this.

“Defra is proactively working with the current Roadmap Steering Group on how best the roadmap can be structured and resourced in the future.”

The WRAP takeover is expected to take place in 2011/2012 and in the meantime the roadmaps will stay as they are.

A WRAP spokesman said: “We are looking forward to taking forward the work on the Sustainable Clothing Roadmap. WRAP is now investigating the areas in which it can support the roadmap, based on the evidence developed to date. We expect to have a clearer idea of which these will be by Autumn 2010.”

WRAP confirms take over of Defra`s sustainable clothing roadmap

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