Wray`s secret to success


Source: Red Rhino Crushers (UK) Ltd

Tim Wray from Wray’s Micro Crusher purchased his 4000 series in September 2007.

Mr Wray has been working in the building and construction industry for years. Experienced as a foreman for various demolition jobs from start to finish, Mr Wray realized the importance of onsite recycling of building waste. “With landfill charges, skip hire and grab lorry expenses rising, it seemed the obvious opportunity to go into the crusher hire business,” said Mr Wray. “By recycling with a Red Rhino, my customers not only save a huge amount of money but it also positively protects the environment by stopping valuable building material being dumped in landfill!”

Mr Wray is very much a hands-on person and not only hires his 4000 series but also offers an “operator with machine” service. Although he owns a mini digger, also available for hire, to load the machine, he has often hand-loaded the Red Rhino - still reaching phenomenal results.

Apart from hiring the Red Rhino, Mr Wray also collects off-cuts of worktops from his local builders’ merchant, and then crushes them small enough to resell as decorative aggregate. He also sells 1 tonne bags of aggregate which he claims are very difficult to find around Oxford.

Mr Wray believes hard work is the key to success and therefore goes canvassing every so often to make sure his crusher gets known and hired. At all times, he also carries leaflets with him and will not hesitate to hand them out whenever he sees, or drives past, a site where building or construction work is happening.

As a result of Mr Wray’s innovative approach to gaining business, means his crusher gets regularly hired. One of his first jobs was at a farmyard where he had to crush approximately 40 tonnes of mixed material within 6 hours. “My customer could not believe it! I hand-loaded the 4000 and it coped beautifully with all of the material. I have to say though – I was rather tired afterwards,” laughed Mr Wray. “It’s amazing what people can use the crushers for,” said Mr Wray, telling us of another Red Rhino hire customer who wanted to decommission their swimming pool. Apparently he crushed all the concrete from the top and then used the recycled material to fill the pool.

Wray says once his customers start using the crusher, they quickly realize how much cheaper it is to hire a Red Rhino than to hire a skip and then to buy the aggregate in. “Another customer hired the machine initially for a 1 day trial – to be honest, I convinced him to hire it but he still looked skeptical when I delivered the crusher to him. By the end of the day, before I was due to collect it, he phoned me to ask if the 4000 was available for the rest of the week!” said Wray.

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