WRScompass Wins Six Geotechnical Remediation Projects


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Treating various media and utilizing site specific treatment chemistry and mixing methodologies
Tampa, Florida. WRScompass announced today that it has been awarded multiple Geotechnical Remediation projects at six project sites in Connecticut, New Jersey, Georgia, and Maryland. They include In-situ Stabilization (ISS) and Hydraulic Barrier Wall (HBW) Construction at environmentally impacted sites as well as Deep Soil Mixing (DSM) for ground improvement in support of vertical construction.
Each of these projects poses a unique mix of challenges, such as tight space, neighboring buildings, contamination, complex regulations, and community relations.  A variety of geotechnical construction methods and mix designs are being utilized to meet the site specific requirements and specifications.
Projects being performed include construction of a mile long subsurface, low-permeability, vertical hydraulic barrier wall (HBW) ranging from 15-20 feet deep using a large excavator for a major Pharmaceutical Company at an environmentally impacted site.
WRScompass is performing ISS using large diameter augers (LDA’s) to stabilize Poly Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHS) at an USEPA Superfund Site.  ISS by auger mixing is being performed using a crane-mounted drill rig equipped with an 8-foot diameter auger to a depth of 36 feet.
We are performing ISS of soil impacted with chlorinated solvents at a retail center in for a major Chemical Company. ISS by auger mixing is being performed using a crane-mounted drill rig equipped with an 8-foot diameter auger to depths ranging from 25-45 feet.

Deep soil mixing (DSM) for a Property Development Firm in New Jersey will be used to increase the strength and reduce the compressibility of soft ground prior to vertical construction of a retail facility. A total of 328,000 cubic yards of soil and sludge are being treated to various depths using a dry chemical addition and mixing using excavators equipped with a GPS. One of the largest retail sporting goods stores east of the Mississippi will be built on the treated area. For this same client, the company is also performing a design-build of foundations utilizing ISS methods to improve highly compressible organic soils below proposed box culverts as part of the site development work. This will consist of a combination of shallow mixing with excavators as well as auger mixing to depths of 40 feet

The firm was awarded a project for a major Utility Company in New Jersey for soil mixing at a former Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP).  WRS performed the first MGP ISS project in the State of New Jersey and is now performing the second for this major Utility Company.

WRScompass will be utilizing multiple mixing methods to conduct an ISS pilot demonstration on chlorinated pesticide contaminated soil at an USEPA Superfund Site. Stabilization is being performed by insitu-mixing using a crane-mounted drill rig equipped with a 10-foot diameter auger and by backhoe mixing.

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