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Xingyuan Environmental Technology Co. Ltd.

Xingyuan Environment Helps Zhejiang Pavilion to Debut at the 16th China International Environmental Protection Exhibition


On June 7, 2018, supported by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment and the Beijing Municipal People's Government, the 16th China International Environmental Protection Exhibition (CIEPEC 2018) hosted by the China Environmental Protection Industry Association was held at the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing. Nearly 700 environmental companies from various countries and regions participated in the exhibition. With the theme of “Innovation Drives Development, Technology Improves Environment”, this exhibition focuses on improving environmental quality, closely integrating environmental protection work priorities and environmental hotspots, focusing on water pollution control, air pollution prevention, solid waste and comprehensive utilization of resources, soil and In the fields of ecological restoration and environmental monitoring, we will focus on high-end environmental protection equipment, advanced environmental protection technologies, system solutions and environmental service models at home and abroad.

As a member of the Zhejiang Environmental Protection Industry Association, under the leadership of the Provincial Environmental Protection Industry Association, Xingyuan Environment has participated in more than 20 environmental protection enterprises in the province and unified the construction of the “Zhejiang Pavilion”, which fully presents Zhejiang's experience in environmental management. Results and core technologies and products.

The Xingyuan Environment debuted at the 16th China International Environmental Protection Exhibition, once again highlighting the company's corporate image as a “domestic and internationally renowned environmental management integrated service provider”. At the same time, through this exhibition, it has collected a wealth of industry information. The company's subsequent business development work pointed out the direction. In the future, the company will fully grasp the industrial opportunities brought about by the state's high priority for ecological civilization construction policies, and adhere to the water environment governance based on “top design + real-time monitoring + smart management + pollution control + ecological restoration + operation and maintenance” to build a platform for industrial development. Actively contribute to building a beautiful China.