XL2 Sound Level Meter Calibration according to IEC standard


Source: NTi Audio AG

In addition to developing and manufacturing audio, acoustic and vibration measurement systems, NTi Audio also offers a range of calibration and maintenance services for its devices. Besides the calibration of individual system components, a complete Sound Level Meter calibration according to IEC61672-3: 2013 is now available. The XL2 Analyzer and microphone are subjected to a series of acoustic and electrical tests.

Standards are an integral component of professional measurement technology. They ensure uniform, comparable, reproducible and documented quality. IEC61672-3 deals with 'procedures for periodic testing of time-weighting, integrating-averaging, and integrating sound level meters' and is an internationally recognized standard. The current version, from 2013, describes both acoustic measurements, such as noise and frequency, as well as a variety of electrical tests. During calibration the characteristics of the sound level meter are recorded in detail and compared with the limits specified in the standard.

An essential prerequisite is that the accuracy of all measuring instruments used for each calibration is completely traceable and documented. The procedures for calibration and individual adjustment follow the provisions of the IEC17025 standard for documentation and traceability.

Each sound level calibration is documented in a certificate with a unique number. All the relevant information on the verified sound level meter and the measuring equipment used are listed. This is followed by the description and the detailed measurement results of the individual test steps as well as an assessment of the test.

This sound level meter calibration is available for the NTi Audio XL2 in combination with all common NTi audio microphones. This service is available at the NTi Audio Headquarters in Liechtenstein, NTi Audio GmbH in Germany and NTi Audio Inc. in the USA. Other NTi audio service locations in Asia will be available in the near future.

Bodo Besselmann, Managing Director of NTi Audio GmbH, reports: 'The sound level meter calibration according to IEC61672-3 is the perfect complement to the hardware and software products of the XL2 family. This calibration service is very popular amongst our customers.'

Requests for a calibration of an NTi Audio product can be made via the online service platform my.nti.audio.com under 'Calibration & Service'. Detailed instructions on how to use this service can be found here.

A sample certificate for the IEC61672-3 calibration can be found here

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