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Yingchuang intelligent recycling machine included in the National Museum


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At the “Excellent Five Years” large-scale achievement exhibition held by the Beijing Exhibition Hall, Yingchuang’s “Smart Drink Bottle Recycling Machine” was exhibited to showcase the advanced information technology and means of recycling economy and resource recycling in China. And an innovative business model.

The National Museum of China is a comprehensive national museum that combines history and art with collection, archaeology, research and display. In order to further enrich the basic display of the 'Revival Road' and show the great achievements made by the party's ecological civilization construction since the 18th National Congress, the National Museum will collect the 'smart beverage bottle recycling machine' that Yingchuang recycles for a long time. We are deeply honored here.

The 'Five Years of Enthusiasm' large-scale achievement exhibition is an important part of welcoming the party's 19th National Propaganda Work. It focuses on the achievements of socialism with Chinese characteristics entering a new stage of development. Let us see reform, opening up, and socialist modernization. Bright prospects. The exhibition has a total of 10 exhibition areas and a special experience exhibition area. Up to now, the audience at the exhibition has a total of 2.66 million people, the online pavilion has reached 22.83 million, and the online flowers have attracted 12.12 million people.

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