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Your Guide to Renting a Jerome


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Whether your need is for a single day, a few weeks, or several months, renting a Jerome analyzer is an ideal solution to your temporary hydrogen sulfide or mercury vapor testing needs.

Our rental program is designed to give you the high level of performance expected from a Jerome instrument without the long term commitment or cost of a purchase.

Why rent a Jerome?

Flexibility, accuracy and reliability – all in one convenient, durable and industry-proven package.

Whether you’re an environmental consultant who just doesn’t run into odor compliance issues all that often or if your capital equipment budget is running a bit too low to allow for a purchase, there’s no need to settle for less than the best. Jerome rentals are affordable, flexible and always ready when you need them.

About Jerome:

Jerome specializes in detecting two types of toxic gases – hydrogen sulfide and mercury vapor – with both portable and fixed point solutions available. So, whether you’re searching for mercury at a construction site or setting up a perimeter monitoring solution around a wastewater treatment facility, there is a Jerome for you.

Our hydrogen sulfide analyzers are ideal for regulatory and compliance permitting, wastewater and landfill management, and agriculture and livestock production. They are also used to monitor corrosion in control rooms and for geothermal emissions monitoring, scrubber and biofilter efficiency testing, and semiconductor manufacturing, just to name a few.

Our mercury analyzers are ideal for regulatory compliance detection and cleanup, industrial hygiene, worker safety, and HAZMAT or emergency response situations. They are also used for mining, ambient air analysis, scrubber efficiency monitoring and mercury leak detection, among others.

What’s included?

Jerome rentals come with the instrument, accessory kit and complimentary two-day air freight (one-way). Although the contents of the accessory kits vary depending on the instrument, each kit generally comes with a probe, tubing adapter, zero air filter, a given number of fritware and some form of line cord, power supply/charger, or battery pack.

Additional accessories such as 10×1 dilution modules, carrying cases and field test modules are also available for rent while others, such as maintenance kits and chlorine and ammonia filters, are available for purchase.

If you have any questions or would like to speak with an application consultant about renting a Jerome, contact us online or call us at (800) 528-7411.

If you’re not ready to talk to someone yet, consider checking out our applications page (individual links above) to see which instruments we recommend for your application.

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