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Zidong® Pump company new ZN600 sand dredging pump finished

Source: Hebei Zidong Pump Industry Co.,Ltd

China heavy duty marine sand dredge pump

Newly designed big size dredge pump finished recently.

ZN600 heavy duty sand dredge pump,size 28X24 inch.

With huge capacity around 9000m3/h and sand delivery distance can reach1500m.Pump weight 16tons.

Pump adopt wear resistant high chrome hard metal material,much more suitable for those highly abrasive working conditions. Such as sand,gravel,mud,clay,stone and other abrasive slurries.

Zidong pump company made lots of modification on it based on modern 3D mold,the pump have big flow channel and high efficiency.

Wet parts are made from wear resistant high chrome hard metals,easy to use ,lower cost for maintenance.

It is an ideal pumping equipment for various dredger ,widely used for sand suction,gravel dredging,land reclamation,harbor dredging,etc.


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