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January 02, 2012

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Smart VOC TB� VOC Oxidizer
By Formia Emissions Control Oy
The Smart VOC TBTM incinerator treats VOCs smartly with twin bed solution, and is designed for VOC concentration levels below 8 g/Nm3 and for moderate to high air volumes. The TB model is competitively priced and it oxidizes the VOCs very efficiently through direct catalytic combustion. The efficiency is reached by using Formia’s proprietary heat exchanger technology. A Smart VOC incinerator with a capacity of up to 20.000 Nm3/h can be installed in a 20 feet container. ...
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Indoor Air Quality Meters (IAQ)
By GrayWolf Sensing Solutions
GrayWolf's versatile IAQ Monitors make proactive indoor air quality surveys efficient and easy to conduct. Measure a broad range of key parameters (including VOCs, CO2, CO, O3, DP, %RH and much more) with a single rugged meter or mobile computer. Document surveys on site with text or audio notes; even attach photos/videos directly to data files. Optimize the balance between facility energy efficiency and occupant health, productivity and comfort. Identify potential ...
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TFIA-4BC - 12/24 VDC Fixed Speed Sampler
By HI-Q Environmental Products Company
The TFIA-4BC is identical in configuration to the TFIA accepting the same TFIA options (excluding speed controller) as the AC power version depicted in the Portable HI-Volume Air Sampler section. The TFIA-4BC operates on two automotive batteries in series, or for half the flow rate with one 12 Volt Automotive Battery (Batteries not included). Browse Request More Information   ›› Download Brochure

Vertical Packed Bed Scrubber
By Macrotek Inc.
The Macrotek Packed Bed Scrubber utilizes a vertical counter-current design for high efficient absorption of gases. In the vertical counter-current design, gas flows upward while scrubbing liquid flows down through banks of sprays. The absorption of gases takes place in the scrubber"s random packing section and scrubbing liquid is introduced in a liquid trough or spray distribution system. A high efficiency mist eliminator removes entrained liquids, an essential step ...
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Zero Air Stations
By LNI Schmidlin SA
3 LAB AIR STATION`s� in different versions: Air Station : including a quiet built-in air compressor to supply oil-free and pre-dried compressed air. Zero Air Station : including a built-in air compressor to provide a oil-free, pre-dried and hydrocarbon free (<0.1 ppm) compressed Zero Air. Ultra Zero Air Station : including a built-in air compressor to provide a oil-free, pre-dried and hydrocarbon free (<0.1 ppm) Air. In addition a set of specific scrubbers will remove ...
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Regenerative Catalytic Oxidizers for Smart VOC Control
By Formia Emissions Control Oy
Remarkably cost-efficient VOC oxidizers to treat low and medium concentration VOC emissions, industrial odors and carbon monoxide emissions. Thanks to the innovative and patented design of heat exchanger/catalyst combination, Formia VOC oxidizers reach incomparably high levels of thermal efficiency. Compact plug and play solution allows easy transportation and rapid start-up. The maintenance costs are low and the expected life time is more than 15 years for both the ...
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Catalyst Cleaning and Rejuvenation
By Sd-Chemie AG
How you can save tens of thousands in air pollution control costs? Cleaning your catalyst beats the cost of replacement 10 to 1...Sd-Chemie offers chemical cleaning and catalyst rejuvenation services for our own catalysts or other manufacturer`s catalysts. Catalysts need proper care. Constant use, time, masking agents, dust and dirt, improper shutdown and irregular maintenance can all contribute to a catalytic oxidizer losing performance. Accumulated particulate and ...
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Nor-Pac - Air Stripping Tower Packing
By Jaeger Environmental
High-performance tower packing for use in air stripping towers, scrubbers, and other heat transfer applications. Nor-Pac high-performance tower packing offers the lowest pressure drop of all comparable packings in gas/liquid applications. High flow capacity allows for higher throughput in a given column. The innovative Nor-Pac design features a unique rib, internal fin, and protruding drip rod configuration for higher efficiency and rigidity.
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Gas Turbines
By Johnson Matthey Emission Control Technologies
Johnson Matthey provides complete NOx and CO emission control systems for simple cycle gas turbines, from the gas turbine outlet through the stack. Our systems offer high availability and efficiency, while meeting all of today"s stringent emission control standards. We also work with major leading HRSG manufacturers to provide complete solutions for combined cycle applications.
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Pleated Cartridges for Bag Filter Vessels
By The Hilliard Corporation - Star Systems Filtration Division
Hilco’s high-performance line of pleated bag filter cartridges are intended to increase the filtration efficiency of existing bag filter housings, while reducing the associated costs of frequent bag change-outs.
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