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  May 03, 2010

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By Bilgeri Environtec Ltd.
Biocatalytic removal of H2S from Biogas / Landfill gas. Biogas and landfill gas always contain a certain concentration of hydrogen sulphide (H2S). Usually this H2S concentration is from 1.000 to 6.000ppm, but it may come up as high as 2%vol or more. In many cases, the H2S has to be removed from the biogas for either environmental standards or corrosion reasons. The EnvironTec biological desulphurisation process provides a low price but highly efficient method for this purpose.
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Industrial Weather Stations
By Climatronics Corporation
Climatronics Industrial Weather Stations improve operating efficiency. In many industries the ability to accurately monitor, assess and record ambient meteorological conditions can be of vital importance to improving operating efficiency and productivity, minimizing downtime and overhead, and settling complaints or litigation. Climatronics� Industrial Weather Stations provide complete and continuous data on all climatic conditions, including wind speed and direction, ...
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The DMT Odour Abatement Biofiltration
By DMT Environmental Technology
A Bio-filtration unit is, just like bio trickling filters, an environmentally friendly process. The reduction of air polluting components can be realised also in a DMT bio filtration unit.
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Odour Control Tank Covers
The�Odour Control Tank Covers�are designed to fit�the exact size of�tank in order to eliminate odour, trapping the evaporation of gasses that�come from the sludge and so stopping it exacping into the environment. They are made with flexible PE sheets of elastic PE membranes resistant to the acids and to the action of the weather. It is possible to add a drainage system to preventing�rainwater from�mixing with the underlying sludge. They can�be made to cover any size ...
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Zipwall - Temporary Dust Barrier Containment System
By Global Plastic Sheeting
This heavy duty dust containment system is designed to last for years. It`s re-usabe.� Zipwall is available in a full package system or as individual parts.� Can be� used to meet EPA requirements for lead abatement dust control systems.
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Air-O-Cell Cassette
By EMLab P&K
Disposable cassette used for identification of molds, pollens, insect parts, skin cell fragments, fibers and inorganic particulate. Sample at 15Lpm.
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By Crowcon Detection Instruments Ltd
The Tetra:3 multi-gas monitor is the newest addition to the Tetra family. Tetra:3s single button operation, small size and weight make it the easiest to use gas detector on the market. Based on the proven and highly successful Tetra product, Tetra:3 is designed for use in demanding industrial environments. Despite its compact size the Tetra:3 is ultra-rugged and water proof.
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By Airdistry
BIOLYSAIR is a professional air purifier using photocatalysis. BIOLYSAIR purifies, cleans up, freshen and decontaminates. During the last few years, new microbial infections have appeared or reappeared: MRSA, cold, flu, tuberculosis, SARS, avian influenza and swine flu... All of these can be spread through the air and create a threat to public health, even in what is assumed to be a healthy location. BIOLYSAIR destroys all atmospheric pollutants: viruses, bacteria, ...
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ISATIS, Software Solution For The Environment
Geostatistics is vital for environmental issues as it provides the accurate and reliable solutions for mapping and uncertainty quantification needed by a sector where health is at stake and the remediation costs are considerable.
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CENO Tower Silo Roof
The suitable tank covering for the reduction of emissions. The most important aim of emission reducing measures is to reduce the input of atmospheric oxygen into the liquid manure to attenuate the development of odour emissions. This is exactly what the CENO tower silo roof was designed for. As in the case of a tent, the outer membrane is stretched between the central tower and the tank edge. The tension of the membrane is not created by pulling the membrane over the ...
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