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April 04, 2011

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Active carbon filters
By Tecam Soluciones Medioambientales SL
For the elimination of V.O.C�s and odors. Activated carbon is used in gas purification, metal extraction, water purification, medicine, sewage treatment, air filters in gas masks and filter masks, filters in compressed air and many other applications.
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ENVIRO-SEAL Rupture Disc
By Continental Disc Corporation
The ENVIRO-SEAL Rupture Disc is designed to provide economical protection for low pressure atmospheric storage vessels and to isolate the downstream side of pressure relief valves and other equipment from corrosive environments. 
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Umberto for Carbon Footprint
By ifu Hamburg GmbH

Calculate Carbon Footprints quickly and easily

Umberto for Carbon Footprint is a dedicated version of Umberto, that is designed specifically to support your work in modeling, calculating and analysing Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) and Corporate Carbon Footprints (CCF).  New `Umberto for Carbon Footprint` uses the latest software technology and users benefit from almost 20 years of experience and know-how in software development for material and energy ...
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Air Deodorization Plants
By Kaufmann Umwelttechnik
Purification and deodorization of exhaust air from sewage treatment plants. Removal of Nox gases from small and medium power stations. Purification and deodorization of exhaust air from underground parking houses. Air flow rates up to >100.000 m3/hr.
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CAI Model 600 CLD
By GOLDEN Specialty, Inc.
The CAI Model 600 CLD NO/NOx digital analyzer is designed around a state-of-the-art 16-bit microprocessor and comes with a wide array. 
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Fast Methane Analyzer
By Los Gatos Research
For your convenience, we now offer three versions of our popular methane analyzer. These instruments are designed to work in ambient air and to deliver accurate results at rapid response rates. If you require the fastest response rate possible (data rate up to 20 Hz), you will want to use our Fast Methane Analyzer. For applications requiring measurements of CH4 and CO2, both our Fast Greenhouse Gas Analyzer and our Methane/Carbon Dioxide Analyzer ...
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By recordum Messtechnik GmbH
The airhopper® is an innovative system to collect and control data from various air quality sensors. The key feature is the use of all modern Internet capabilities instead of conventional fixed or mobile telephone lines. The logger is easy to use and at the same time reliable in operation due to its powerful base. The operation is fully web oriented. The operator uses the web browser of his computer, no other software is required. With an Internet connection established, ...
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OCO Series Generators
By Ecologix Environmental Systems, LLC
Ozone generators elimate odors from pump stations and lift stations. The ultra-violet light bulbs produce sweet smelling ozone which will elimate on contact any odor problem associated with raw sewage, trash hoppers, mold and mildew, animal odor, medical waste, food processing and most any noxious odor that is otherwise hard to eliminate.
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PF-4000 and PF-8000 Respirometers
By Respirometer Systems and Applications, LLC
RSA’s PF-4000 and PF-8000 Pulse-Flow respirometers are designed specifically to measure oxygen uptake for aerobic biological reactions and gas production from anaerobic and anoxic biological reactions. Modular system design allows easy expansion. The 8-position PF-8000 units can be expanded easily to 16 and 24-position units. The 4-position PF-4000 units can be expanded to an 8-position system.    
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Air Quality Regulations
By Trinity Consultants
Emerging and evolving Title V and MACT regulations and issues will be a major focus of this course. Topics will include Title V operating permits, basic requirements of the Clean Air Act (NSR/PSD, BACT, NSPS), and EPA terminology and acronyms in air quality regulations.
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