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  November 09, 2009

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SoundPLAN is a complete software package offering a full spectrum of noise and air pollution evaluation modules, with quick and accurate calculation and impressive graphics. Comprehensive studies involving any size areas and multiple sources an be completed efficiently and cost effectively using this modeling software.
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ReCyclone Eh (Electrostatic ReCyclone)
By Advanced Cyclone Systems, S.A.
ReCyclones EH are composed by numerically optimized cyclones � Hurricanes - and electrostatic recirculation systems. The main purpose of the recirculation system is to reintroduce the very fine non captured particles into the cyclone after those have been driven to the outer walls of the concentrator by centrifugal forces. Electrostatic forces assure that the smallest particles, more resistant to mechanical forces, are separated from the centre of the recirculator.�
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The Baumot - Diesel Particulate Filter System
By Baumot AG
The DPF diesel particulate filter is made of ceramic `Wall-Flow` monoliths that is coated a mix of highly active `Washcoat` and a special precious metal formulation. The filter block is affixed in a stainless stell encasing by an elastic bearing, against mechanical oscillations. The patented emissions cleaning system reduces the diesel particles, as well as the gaseous pollutants carbon monoxide (CO) and hydro carbon (HC). The particles are first filtered in the monolith ...
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Clean Enclosed Burners (CEB)
By Bekaert CEB Technologies
Clean Enclosed Burners (CEB) enable oil & gas companies, terminals, petrochemical and biogas industries to cleanly and economically combust waste gases, thereby reducing harmful emissions. The compact size, flexibility, absence of flame, heat radiation, smoke and noise, allows CEB burners to be utilized virtually everywhere waste gas combustion is required. �  � 
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Test Sieves
By Retsch U.K. Ltd.
The demands made of particle size analysis are constantly increasing. This is also reflected in the greater requirements made in the new standard ISO 3310. In order to adapt our test sieves to these new requirements, RETSCH has developed a completely new manufacturing process that guarantees a previously unattained quality and consistency in sieve production (200 x 50 mm, 200 x 25 mm, 203 x 50 mm (8`x 2`), 203 x 25 mm (8`x 1`)). In addition, a logistic manufacturing ...
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MiniModule or MicroModule Membrane Contactors
By Membrana
Placing a small compact MiniModule� or MicroModule� degassing contactor in the lab system will improve the operation of that system and it will also improve the reliability of the test results since gasses are not affecting the readings and the solution.
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Series 9000 Total Hydrocarbon Analyzer
By Baseline - MOCON, Inc.
The Series 9000 is designed to continuously monitor the total hydrocarbon content of non-condensing gases in a variety of applications, such as: beverage grade CO2 analysis, scrubber & oxidizer efficiency, carbon bed breakthrough detection, contaminant analysis in pure/ultrapure inert gases, well logging, energy, industrial hygiene & safety monitoring, fenceline (perimeter) monitoring around industrial sites, LEL monitoring.
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VOC Treatment
By Ehovoc Ltd
VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) constitute one of the primary elements of air pollution in a wide range of industries. Nevertheless these compounds are widely used due to their capacity to evaporate after using them in printing, painting, cleaning etc. Since the EU VOC directive came in force on year 1999, we in Ehovoc have been developing a highly efficient solution for customers facing the VOC exhaust problem. 
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Baker Filtration Systems
By BakerCorp
High and low-pressure carbon and specialty media vessels. Odor control systems. Sand filters. Duplex cartridges. Bag filters and auxiliary equipment. No other company offers a more comprehensive lineup of filtration equipment than BakerCorp. We have individual units capable of handling up to 1000 gallons per minute and multiple units can be manifolded together for greater capacity. Our specialty media applications include activated carbon, ion exchange resins, impregnated ...
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