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June 13, 2011

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By InspectionLogic Corporation
A web based community for Leak Detection and Repair Professionals! The NEW LDAR.COM. We are proud to re-introduce the first web site devoted to the needs of LDAR Coordinators world wide! Complying with EPA and state regulations for fugitive emissions of volatile organic compounds is no easy task. As mandated by the Clean Air Act, plants which do Chemical Processing, Petroleum Refining, and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing are among those who must have a Leak Detection And ...
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Ambient Air Monitoring
By Shell Engineering & Associates, INC.
Shell Engineering and Associates, Inc., specializes in ambient air monitoring. Monitoring facilities have been established and operated from New York to Hawaii, in Canada, South America, the Middle East and Africa. Independent analysis and auditing are just a few of the capabilities of the company. 
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ADCAT VOC Catalyst
By EmeraChem
The ADCAT VOC oxidation catalyst yields optimal conversion efficiencies of criteria pollutants with reduced catalyst volume for a variety of industrial processes. EmeraChem’s ADCAT™ VOC oxidation catalyst yields optimal conversion efficiencies with reduced catalyst volume for the lowest capital and operating costs for all types of the processes where chemicals, coatings, and fuels may be employed including chemical plants, oil refineries, manufacturing facilities ...
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Direct Fired Thermal Oxidisers
By Process Combustion Ltd
Direct fired thermal oxidisers by Process Combustion Ltd. can treat very high concentrations of volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) in waste gas and waste liquid streams safely and effectively. The waste streams, in some cases, can be injected through the burner system and be used as a fuel. Additional energy saving equipment such as waste heat boilers or secondary heat recovery systems can be added to recover heat back to your process. 
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Recuperative Thermal Oxidation
By Tecam Soluciones Medioambientales SL
Recuperative thermal oxidation systems recover the heat from the oxidation and use it to raise the air entry temperature to the process. This reduces the energy required to heat the VOC flow charged at the combustion temperature, thus decreasing the operating costs of the system. Recuperative purification systems offer the following advantages: simple design, quick start-up, reliable services and very high percentage of VOC destruction (99.9%). The relatively lower ...
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Smart VOC TB� VOC Oxidizer
By Formia Emissions Control Oy
The Smart VOC TBTM incinerator treats VOCs smartly with twin bed solution, and is designed for VOC concentration levels below 8 g/Nm3 and for moderate to high air volumes. The TB model is competitively priced and it oxidizes the VOCs very efficiently through direct catalytic combustion. The efficiency is reached by using Formia’s proprietary heat exchanger technology. A Smart VOC incinerator with a capacity of up to 20.000 Nm3/h can be installed in a 20 feet container. ...
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AirQUIS - Air Quality Information System
By NILU - The Norwegian Institute for Air Research
The Air Quality Information System, AirQUIS, was developed by NILU and is a GIS based air quality monitoring and management platform installed and applied world wide.
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By Lenntech Water Treatment and Air Purification
Ecopure is the name given to a system that produces oxidising gases (mainly ozone) by means of ultraviolet lamps. Apart from the production of ozone, the ultraviolet light also disinfects (it kills micro-organisms). This system is used to treat water and purify air. 
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Nor-Pac - Air Stripping Tower Packing
By Jaeger Environmental
High-performance tower packing for use in air stripping towers, scrubbers, and other heat transfer applications. Nor-Pac high-performance tower packing offers the lowest pressure drop of all comparable packings in gas/liquid applications. High flow capacity allows for higher throughput in a given column. The innovative Nor-Pac design features a unique rib, internal fin, and protruding drip rod configuration for higher efficiency and rigidity. 
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Collection and control data for air quality sensors
By recordum Messtechnik GmbH
The airhopper® is an innovative system to collect and control data from various air quality sensors. The key feature is the use of all modern Internet capabilities instead of conventional fixed or mobile telephone lines. The logger is easy to use and at the same time reliable in operation due to its powerful base. The operation is fully web oriented. The operator uses the web browser of his computer, no other software is required. With an Internet connection established, ...
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