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  Sepember 13, 2010

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MNX-Series Cartridge Collector, 800-Series Cartridge Collectors
By Monoxivent
Monoxivent offers the MNX collector with 4- to 24-cartridge capacity, up to 18,000 CFM. The collectors feature computer-modeled pulse cleaning technology to easily `pulse off` dust from the surface of the filter, improving filtration efficiency and prolonging filter life. The MNX delivers optimum performance and is one of the best values in the marketplace today. The MNX ensures steadfast, trouble-free operation. 
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VOC Bioscrubbers
By AirScience Technologies Inc.
In AirScience`s Bioscrubbers, the polluting compounds are first absorbed or dissolved in a water scrubber. The resulting liquid solution is then transferred to a bioreactor where microorganisms degrade the dissolved organic compounds in an anaerobic condition. The resulting bio-gas consists primarily of methane, which can be used as process fuel. Capture efficiencies are in excess of 95%. 
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Industrial Degassing & Air Pollution Control Services
By Remediation Service, Int`l (RSI) & Field Specialties Inc.(FSI)
With RSI�s manufacturing experience of air and groundwater pollution control devices combined with FSI�s valued experience as an industrial degassing service provider for tanks, barges, vacuum trucks, process equipment, contaminated soil and groundwater within the Petro-Chemical industry worldwide. The partnership provides FSI skilled technicians and RSI state-of-the-art equipment that is rated for the most stringent industrial applications make Field Specialties, ...
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Highly Effective Dust Filters
By Applied Plasma Physics AS
The APP reaction chamber not only create a plasma zone, they also possess a very high electrical field strength and thereby act as a very efficient compact electrostatic precipitator (ESP). This means that any particulate matter and dust passing through the chambers will be strongly attracted to the sides and be removed from the gas flow. Measurements have shown that the system is very effective in removing fine dust and submicron particles of 2,5 micron (PM2,5) and below.
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Ionicon PTR-QMS 300 - 300 pptv mobile online VOC detector
By Ionicon Analytik GmbH
The PTR-QMS 300 is a very sensitive real-time monitor for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and can measure concentrations as low as 300 pptv. With its low weight and dimensions it is easy to handle and use in different locations. It features the latest developments of IONICON PTR-QMS series and replaces the successful Compact PTR-MS. Among the new and innovative features of the PTR-QMS 300 is a touchscreen display, a heated inlet with multiple positioning capability, ...
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AirQUIS - Air Quality Information System
By NILU - The Norwegian Institute for Air Research
The Air Quality Information System, AirQUIS, was developed by NILU and is a GIS based air quality monitoring and management platform installed and applied world wide.
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BiosumpVENT - Odor Control
By Bio-Reaction Industries
BioReaction`s project experience in complicated, mixed VOC airstreams was easily adapted to meet the demanding, yet somewhat subjective requirements for industrial and municipal odor control applications. The flexible design of the BioOxidization systems and patented media provided a natural foundation for development of a line of odor control products that provides a reduction in all types of odor compounds, not just the rotten egg smell of H2S.
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By Envitech Europe
ENVIDAS is an intelligent, multi function, high-performance data acquisition system. It is designed with affordability and versatility in mind. ENVIDAS is a state-of-the-art system that uses nonproprietary desktop or industrial PC computer components to run flexible, environmental data acquisition software. A wide variety of data acquisition cards may be installed. ENVIDAS software features pull-down windows based menus. Only basic knowledge of PC software operations ...
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Low Emission Flare (LEF)
Do words like Best Available Control Technology (BACT) and Title V Operating Permits keep you up at night? Are Emission Caps, Non Attainment Areas, and Cap & Trade Programs unknown or not fully understood. The Industries LOWEST EMISSION Vapor Combustor alleviates these concerns by offering superior emission reductions. ABUTECs proprietary premix burner technology is designed to offer very fast combustion while maintaining 0.6 seconds resonance time and a full 10:1 ...
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MEGTEC Biological Technology for VOC Control
By MEGTEC Systems
Naturally occurring microbes offer an efficient and cost-effective method of abating volatile organic compounds. MEGTEC offers two systems for this work the SC Bioreactor and the SC Bioscrubber. The specially selected, naturally occurring microbes used in MEGTEC SC Biosystems utilize VOCs as a carbon source for cell growth and reproduction. The microbes oxidize the VOCs to carbon dioxide and water, obtaining energy during the process.
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ChemKey TLD Toxic Gas Detector
By Honeywell Analytics
Portable, flexible and interference free toxic gas detector. The ChemKey TLD Toxic Gas Monitor provides a reliable solution for both emergency response and fixed area gas detection in a cost effective manner.
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Vital Signs Online
By Worldwatch Institute
In 1992, Worldwatch began publishing the semi-annual report Vital Signs. For nearly two decades, this publication tracked key environmental indicators and trends from a multidisciplinary perspective unique to Worldwatch expertise.  Now available in a convenient and easy-to-access online format, Vital Signs Online is an interactive, subscription-based tool that provides hard data and research-based insights on the sustainability in biweekly updated trends that ...
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NoisePLANS Module - Noise Modeling Software
By SoundPLAN International LLC
SoundPLAN offers models for the entry, calculation and assessment of aircraft, road, rail and industry noise. Noise calculations inside a building can deliver the feedstock for the environmental propagation model. The aircraft noise model assesses the impact from aircraft noise in the vicinity of airports and can be used as a stand alone module or to produce a comprehensive noise situation with all other noise types.
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HS-100 Horizontal-Head Anemometer
By Gill Instruments Ltd.
The HS-100 3-axis anemometer features a horizontal head design, which allows for accurate measurement of vertical flows with minimum flow interruption from the anemometer geometry. 
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Biogas Desulphurisation
By Colsen International b.v.
Desulphurisation of the biogas produced during digestion is executed by a biological process. Environmental engineering´s agency Colsen b.v. developed an installation named Bidox®. The principle of the Bidox® technology lies in the biological oxidation of H2S by sulphur oxidising bacteria. The system is capable of reducing the H2S content of the biogas to a level in harmony with the biogas engines specifications. The system does not use chemicals or other ...
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PE System - Desulphurisation of Biogas
By BioGasClean
BioGasclean’s gas cleaners are installed at biogas plants where biogas desulphurisation is required. The hydrogen sulphide (H2S) is removed from the biogas in a biological process. The company’s H2S scrubbers are available in 4 different product types.  For smaller projects BioGasclean offers gas cleaners in double wall polyester tanks (PE tanks) which are available in standard tank sizes from 10-50 m. Pumps, blower, PLC controller, etc., are installed ...
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