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  June 15, 2009

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Disruptor� Technology
By Ahlstrom Corporation
Disruptor� is Ahlstrom`s new high-performance wet laid depth filtration media that rivals UF and MF membrane filters in terms of retention and efficiency with flow rates of a nonwoven filter media. Ahlstrom is able to offer Disruptor� through an exclusive licensing agreement with the Argonide Corporation. This license allows Ahlstrom to manufacture and commercialize Argonide�s patented electropositive nanofiber filter media. The Disruptor� technology was developed through ...
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Bag Filters
By Filter Innovations Inc
Bag filters are used for sediment removal in a number of applications. Water flows from the inside to the outside of the bag, and particles are captured on the internal surface of the filter bag media for quick and easy disposal. Filter vessels are available in all construction materials and can handle flow rates from 1 to 400 GPM.
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