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September 15, 2008

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Thermal Oxidizers
By Nacah Tech LLC
Custom thermal oxidizers. The more thought requiring, the better for Nacah Tech LLC. Call us with your tough application and we will design the system that meets the organic compound destruction needed, and minimizes auxiliary fuel consumption and/or best recovers the heat.
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Fast Methane Analyzer
By Los Gatos Research
For your convenience, we now offer two versions of our popular methane analyzer. Both instruments are designed to work in ambient air and to deliver accurate results at rapid response rates. If you require the fastest response rate possible (data rate up to 20 Hz), you will want to use our Fast Methane Analyzer. For applications requiring the highest performance, our High-Accuracy Methane Analyzer measures methane in ambient air with less than 0.7% uncertainty. Neither analyzer is adversely affected ...
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Model V4 Base Unit
By Remediation Service, Int`l (RSI)
Up to 30 lbs/hr hydrocarbon destruction rate. Oxygen sensor control loop with engine exhaust temp monitoring. Catalytic converter. Miscellaneous engine gauges with safety shutdown. Moisture knockout tank with air particulate filter (one gallon capacity). Oil reservoir system. Automatic Fire Suppression System. Hot Air Ducts/additional noise reduction. Natural gas control solenoid valve and propane regulator. Noise abatement housing/cabenetery. Single or dual Axle Trailer Optional.
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Catalysts Elements and Substrates
By DCL International Inc.
DCL manufactures a variety of thin-walled metallic catalyst elements for control of emissions from internal combustion engines and various environmental applications.  DCL catalyst elements may be used on existing DCL housings or for replacement of catalyst in competitors� housings.     DCL�s advanced high-volume and flexible manufacturing offers catalyst packaging companies and canning OEMs economical catalyst element solutions meeting the most demanding standards of design, ...
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Metals Measurement
By National Physical Laboratory
The accurate measurement of the metals content of ambient air is of increasing importance as the potential toxicological effects of a number of metal species are becoming better established. Additionally, UK and EU legislation is increasingly defining statutory legal limits for the concentrations of metal compounds in ambient air.
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