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  June 21, 2010

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TriTherm & PentaTherm
By Chemisch Thermische Prozesstechnik GmbH / CTP Air Pollution Control
Whenever the highest cleaning efficiencies are requested, TriTherm and her big RTO sister, PentaTherm, offer the ideal solution. Due to perfect combustion, integrated purge and tight poppet valves, no odorous compound will ever make it to the stack!
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Halocat� VOC Oxidation Catalysts
By Johnson Matthey Emission Control Technologies
Halocat� oxidation catalyst technologies developed for use on HVOC (halogenated VOC) process streams such as the control of chlorinated and brominated VOCs emitted during production of chemical intermediates. Halocat� technology is also used in the remediation of soil from contaminated land.
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VOC Trickling Biofilters
By AirScience Technologies Inc.
In AirScience"s Trickling Biofilters water containing nutrients and neutralizing components is fed in a continuous manner to the top of a bed made of structured packing, covered by an activated biofilm. The polluted air to be treated circulates through the packing in a co-current or counter-current fashion. Residence times are generally shorter than for biofilter for comparable performance.    
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Utility Flares
We offer High Quality, LOW PRICE, Utility or Pipe Flares for many applications including landfills, wastewater plants, drilling & completion sites, ethanol load out facilities, truck load out terminals, and many more�
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High Temperature Range Land fill Gas Flares
By Automatic Flare Systems Limited
Our high temperature (HT) flare stack provides an ideal solution to meet the growing number of EU directives on emissions from landfill gas flares.
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By Hofstetter Umwelttechnik AG
The HOFGAS�- APM is a complete pump and flare station for the safe and economic treatment of gas from anaerobic fermentation. Apart from the plant components, a detailed regulation and operational concept is supplied for the specific adaptation to the particular process. In particular, the discharge pressure for recovery is regulated and the signal exchange between all involved components is supported. The flare HOFGAS�- IFL4c is used for the surplus gas. It offers ...
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ReCyclone EH � Electrostatic ReCyclone
By Advanced Cyclone Systems, S.A.
Finally, recent adoption of electrostatic recirculation in the same cyclone system has successfully proven to further reduce� particle emissions, even in the [1;5] μm particle size range, assuring future regulation compliance, particularly where legal limits are very tight, with the objective of bag filter redundancy. 
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Model 2030 Portable Ozone Photometer
By Sabio Instruments, Inc.
The Model 2030 is a portable Ozone Photometer audit transfer standard that is ideal for calibrating ambient air monitoring ozone analyzers and ozone generators. Using Beer-Lambert`s Law, the ozone photometer measures the amount of UV light attenuated at 254nm across a sample path. The unit alternates the ozone removed using a 3-way inert valve. After real time comparison between the two samples, the precise ozone concentration is calculated and displayed. The Model ...
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VOC-TRAQ Toxic Gas Detector
By Baseline - MOCON, Inc.
The VOC-TRAQ total volatile organic compound (TVOC) detector is the easiest way to monitor and record TVOCs using any PC with a Windows operating system. Using the award winning Baseline-MOCON piD-TECH plus photoionization detector makes the VOC-TRAQ the most reliable, accurate, and inexpensive portable TVOC detector on the market. Designed for ease of use whether you are an air quality consultant, safety engineer, maintenance manager, or just concerned about TVOCs ...
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Model 202 Ozone Monitor (EPA Federal Equivalent Method)
By 2B Technologies
The 2B Technologies Model 202 Ozone Monitor (Now EPA FEM certified) is designed to enable accurate and precise measurements of ozone ranging from low ppb (precison of ~1 ppbv) up to 100,000 ppb (0-100 ppm) based on the well established technique of absorption of light at 254 nm. The Ozone Monitor is light weight (4.7 lb., 2.1 kg.) and has a low power consumption (12v DC, 0.33 amp, 4.0 Watt) relative to conventional instruments and is therefore well suited for applications ...
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Greenhouse Gas Emissions Tracking
By Intelex Technologies Inc.
With the implementation of new legislation, pending industry regulations and a movement toward greater corporate social responsibility, tracking and managing air emissions / greenhouse gases has become a high priority. To fill this business need, Intelex has developed the Intelex Greenhouse Gas Emissions Management System. 
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LeakDAS v4
By InspectionLogic Corporation
LeakDAS v4 offers a path to standardize your Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) operations. LeakDAS v4 is more than a database to store LDAR data. It serves as the LDAR Program Administrator`s dashboard for managing compliance operations on a daily, monthly, quarterly, annual basis. In addition to providing information that helps to optimize LDAR operations, ORR LeakDAS manages information and record keeping in a way that is consistent, repeatable, and focused on regulatory ...
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Spectra-1 Open Path Gas Monitor Industrial & Environmental
By PKL Technologies Inc.
Spectra-1, a portable lightweight open path TDLAS gas monitor uses proprietary hardware and software to provide a low cost open path gas sensing instrument. The enclosure for Spectra-1 was selected for its resistance to extreme shock and vibration. Spectra-1 can be used for portable as well as fixed site installations. RS232 serial communications are used for continuous data transfer. USB memory stick data downloading is used for logged data files. Applications include ...
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VOC71M GC - FID or PID Volatile Organic Compounds Analyzer
By Environnement S.A
FID or PID Gas Chromatograph BTEX (VOC) Analyzer
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Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems
By Ecotech Pty Ltd
Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS) are used for the measurement of a number of pollutants from within the stack environment. Monitoring within the stack presents a number of problems due to extremes of temperature, velocity of sample and pressure. The common pollutants to measure are SO2, NO and NO2 whilst it is also used for monitoring CO, CO2, H2S and NH3. Ecotech, offers a complete solution for continuous emission monitoring utilising the extractive dilution ...
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MSc Environmental Management for Business
By Cranfield University
With sustainable development forming a major part of government policy making throughout the world, businesses need to develop strategies that respond to both consumer demand and the needs of the environment. A new breed of professional is required with skills and knowledge to appreciate all sides of the debate in order to get results. Accredited by the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM), this postgraduate course integrates interests ...
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