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September 29, 2008

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By Sigma-Aldrich/Supelco
Radiello� Cartridge Adsorbents for sampling BTEX and VOCs (CS2 Desorption), matrix SS net (100 mesh, 5.8 mm diam.), activated with activated charcoal (30-50 mesh), pk of 20. 
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TEOM Series 1400a Ambient Particulate Monitor
By MLU - Monitoring f�r Leben und Umwelt
The TEOM Series 1400a Ambient Particulate Monitor is the choice of air pollution monitoring networks worldwide to measure particulate mass concentrations continuously. The system has become the de facto standard for particulate mass concentration measurements in areas such as Canada, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom and France due to its high data quality, reliability and unparalleled support.
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Air Dispersion Modeling & Risk Assessment Workshops
By Lakes Environmental Software
Lakes Environmental has been offering air dispersion modeling courses worldwide since 1998. Lakes Environmental courses implement current research and incorporate hands-on computer instruction to provide the most complete training programs available. Each course attendee gets a dedicated computer during course instruction for optimal learning.
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FRP Biofilter
By Pure air solutions bv
Our FRP biofilter has a light weight design and is especially engineered for small airflows or to achieve significant footprint reductions at larger airflows. Because of the light weight design FRP biofilters can be stacked in a frame. Despite its special and light weight design, no concessions have been made when it comes to reliable operation, cost and removal efficiencies. Smart design, perfect airflow distribution, high quality media and efficient moistening system created a biofilter that needs ...
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By recordum Messtechnik GmbH
The airhopper is an innovative system to collect and control data from various air quality sensors. The key feature is the use of all modern Internet capabilities instead of conventional fixed or mobile telephone lines. The logger is easy to use and at the same time reliable in operation due to its powerful base. The operation is fully web oriented. The operator uses the web browser of his computer, no other software is required. With an Internet connection established, it makes no difference whether ...
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In-Stack Mark III Impactor
By New Star Environmental Inc.
The Mark III is an in-stack, multi-stage, multi-jet cascade impactor which adapts to commercially available stack sampling systems containing an �EPA-type� probe. This impactor aerodynamically and automatically classifies particles into multiple size ranges and accounts for all their physical properties including size, shape, and density. Aerodynamically fractionating particles in the stack is important in determining particle behavior after leaving the stack, area of environmental deposition, probable ...
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