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November 12, 2018
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International Ozone - Model Total Zone - TZ BB1 Ozone Generator
by International Ozone Technologies Group, Inc.
Size: 4" x 2.5" x 2.25". Weight: 7.5 oz.. Generator: Ceramic Chip - Corona Discharge Technology. Ozone Dispersion Method: "RAD” Radiant Ambient Dispersion Technology. Ozone Output: 20 Milligrams Per Hour. Maximum Treatment Area (Cubic Feet): 8,000. ...
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Gasmet - In-Situ Multicomponent FTIR Gas Analyser
by Gasmet Technologies Oy
The In-Situ analyzer consists of a sample cell inserted into the stack or duct, heated steel mounting flange and the rugged GICCOR interferometer unit in an IP65 enclosure that is directly attached to the flange.
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Etaniv B.Y ltd - Odor Control Systems

Odor control systems are used to prevent bad odors and corrosive environment. The main odor source constituent in wastewater is hydrogen sulfide that produces rotten egg odor and together with humid atmosphere produces sulfuric acid that attacks concrete, electric panels, and metals and corrode it.

EasyCal - Gas Analysis Calibration Systems
by Umwelttechnik MCZ GmbH
Mix your gases now. With intuitive touch display. You do not need any previous knowledge or external PC software.
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Codel - Model DCEM1000 - Single Pass Opacity/Dust Monitor
by Codel International Ltd
The D-CEM1000/1001  Opacity Monitors consist of a visible light transmitter and receiver arrangement with digital data processing in a local display unit. The monitors can display data in either opacity, extinction or dust density in mg/m3 or normalised ...
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Micron Rated Needle Felt Filter Cloth for Liquid Filtration
by Zhejiang Suita Filter Material Technology Co., Ltd.
Suita Filtech is dedicated in micron rated liquid filter felt for many years, so far, SUITA Filtech can provide both polyester micron rated needle felt liquid filter cloth and polypropylene micron rated needle felt liquid filter cloth for various industrial ...
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Pelletized Activated Carbon
by Silcarbon Aktivkohle GmbH
In many industrial processes, toxic gaseous pollutants are emitted. Generally, these substances should not be released. Most of the toxic pollutants in the exhaust air are solvents, which are required for the production of consumer goods. For ...
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Tekran - Model 2537Xi - Mercury Vapor Analyzer - Mercury Analyzer - Mercury Monitoring - Stack Monitoring
by Tekran Instruments Corporation
The Tekran Model 2537Xi mercury vapor analyzer is built specifically for stack monitoring of flue gases and other elevated-Hg source gases. The 2537Xi is the cornerstone of the Tekran Series 3300Xi Mercury CEMs which has been installed at over 200 sites ...
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