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January 15, 2018
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ERG - Thermal Oxidizer for Toxic Waste & VOC Destruction Systems
by ERG (Air Pollution Control) Ltd
Thermal oxidation is an excellent method of destroying toxic and unwanted chemicals, and converting them into benign and harmless compounds. This is particularly applicable where the toxic materials are organic and is a more environmentally benign disposal ...
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Process Combustion - Direct Fired Thermal Oxidizers
by Process Combustion Ltd
When you have issues of high calorific value waste gas or a liquid stream then the Process Combustion’s Direct Fired Thermal Oxidisers meet the most stringent requirements of the European Solvents Emissions Directive (SED) and the UK’s Waste ...
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Catalytic Combustion Corporation

Catalytic Combustion, an Emissions Company, has a diversified base with five major divisions: Catalyst - Engine Catalyst, VOC Control/Air Correction, Exhaust, Power Generation and Contract Manufacturing. Our products use patented technology to reduce the output of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are harmful to the environment and its inhabitants. We provide products to industries like food service, consumer appliances, off-road engines, power generation, stationary engines, gas compression, production painting and printing, pharmaceutical, chemical processing and a wide range of other manufacturing applications. 

Model Z-500 - Hand Held Carbon Monoxide Meter
by Environmental Sensors Company
Environmental Sensors Co.`s Carbon Monoxide Meter is a hand held instrument that measures carbon monoxide concentration in a range of 0-300 ppm and a resolution of 1 or 0.1 ppm. The instrument makes it possible to monitor carbon monoxide vapor in air. ...
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HD Septic Pipe Vent Filter for Residential and Light Commercial
by Simple Solutions Dist. LLC
Stop septic odor with our patented* heavy duty residential and commercial Wolverine® Septic Pipe Vent Filter (Patent # US 8,273,162). It is based on the original Wolverine®. Made of schedule 40 PVC, it is as strong as it is functional. The HD ...
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Tecam Group - Model RTO - Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers
by Tecam Group
Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers RTO are the most widely-used oxidation technology nowadays for Volatile Organic Compounds VOC emissions treatment to be used with a wide range of solvents and processes. Tecam Group designs, assembles, commercialises and ...
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Bi-On - Model BOX - Air Filter Modules
by Bioconservacion SA
Bioconservacion revolutionised the air filtration market by incorporating a modular system to change granules in filtration and air purification systems. This has resulted in an innovative, quick and simple method to change the medium.
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