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September 25, 2017
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Self Supporting System for Dust Monitoring
by MB Dustcontrol BV
Every dust problem is unique. That`s why we work closely with our customers to find the right solution. We specialize in machines made to measure. Each dust problem needs a specific solution....
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Model MMS - Multi-Parameter Micro Air Monitoring Station
by Norditech Pty Ltd
Multi-parameter micro monitoring station. Fixed or portable version. Air quality monitoring of up to 4 gases (CO, CO2, NOx, O3) and optional PM sampler in a small footprint enclosure.
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Lakes Environmental Software

Lakes Environmental is committed to supplying robust and easy-to-use air dispersion modeling software to consulting companies, industries, governmental agencies and academia. The introduction of Lakes Environmental’s graphical Microsoft Windows-based interfaces revolutionized the field of air dispersion modeling software. Since 1995, Lakes Environmental has been recognized internationally for its technologically advanced air dispersion modeling software and also for its exceptional expertise in the area of IT solutions for environmental sciences.

D.R. Technology - Wet Scrubber and Absorber for Air Pollution Control
by D.R. Technology, Inc.
The term “Wet Scrubbers” came into fashion after World War II as people became more aware of the negative effect they were having on the earth’s environment. Along with other technology, Wet Scrubbers were and still are seen as an efficient ...
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Meyer - Model PSS - Dependable Positive Displacement Lobe Blower
by Wm. W. Meyer & Sons, Inc.
Power Paks incorporate positive displacement lobe blowers. Built with precision and time tested quality. Pressures to 15 PSI. Ready to operate. All Power Paks are completely assembled and pre-piped to facilitate installation. All packages feature premium ...
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ACME - Model CO2-EN Series - Carbon Dioxide Monitor-Controller
by Acme Engineering Prod. Ltd.
Single-point sample-draw CO2 monitoring for indoor air quality or industrial applications utilizing infrared sensor technology. Digital readout of PPM CO2 levels, up to 4 relay outputs, analog voltage/current output signal. Different detection ranges ...
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CTP AutoKAT - Regenerative Catalytic Oxidation (RCO)
by Chemisch Thermische Prozesstechnik GmbH / CTP Air Pollution Control
The AutoKAT combines the advantages of the regenerative thermal oxidation with those of catalytic oxidation and is a technologically advanced air pollution solution. The AutoKAT is a very cost-effective alternative if no catalyst poisons occur. Existing ...
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airmoVOC - Model C2C6 - Light Volatil Hydrocarbons and 1,3 Butadiene Analyzer
by Chromatotec Group
The instrument uses a 6-port valve with a single sorbent trap, and a metallic capillary column. It has a minimum detection level as low as 15 ppt (for 1,3-Butadiene for e.g.) in ambient air, and analyses up to 32 compounds during a single analysis.
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MCZ - Model HVS16 - High Volume Sampler
by Umwelttechnik MCZ GmbH
Microcomputer controlled gas collector for the automated dust sampling on membrane filters with a diameter of 140 mm or 150 mm in acc. with EN 12341. Automatic switching to sequentially admit up to 16 filters.
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