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January 05, 2009

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KISTERS offers utilities and industry a comprehensive suite of software for recording, archiving, analysis and evaluation of energy and mass flow (e.g. steam and gas) as well as control and monitoring of power grids. We enter into partnerships with our customers, sharing our twenty-five years of experience in instrumentation and control, time series data management, and data processing to provide the best outcomes for your business. KISTERS� 200-strong workforce has worked with clients ...
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By Dakota Technologies, Inc.
Dakota has developed the Tar-specific Green Optical Screening Tool or TarGOST�. TarGOST� is a specialized version of UVOST� that was developed exclusively for detection of coal tars, creosotes, heavy crudes, and tank bottoms. The TarGOST� system is designed specifically to overcome the low signal levels or often-severe non-monotonic response observed on coal tars and creosotes with current UV-based fluorescence systems.
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P84� Solution
By Evonik Fibres GmbH
P84 is a fully imidized polyimide. The solution in dimethyl formamide (DMF) or N-methyl pyrrolidon (NMP) is used for coatings in the electric and electronics industry due to its outstanding electrical properties such as a low dielectric constant or a high dielectric strength. 
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The constant pressure gasholders are designed to store the biogas made from the anaerobic digestion of the organic waste and sludge. They are made with biogas resistant PVC or Polyurethane two side coated polyester fiber reinforced fabric membranes, welded with high frequency electronic machines. Our exclusive 3 membrane system is designed to form an upper air chamber that gives the pneumatic push on the biogas chamber with the result of keeping the biogas chamber at a prefixed constant ...
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By SKN Worldwide
SKN domain competencies are designed to track, understand and enhance its sustainability research, including external industry and stakeholder standards and trends. SKN`s network is a key component of these competencies. Resource flow evaluations include material flow analysis, energy flow and greenhouse gas (GHG) reporting and water flow tracking.
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