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February 07, 2011

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Class A Sludge Pasteurization (Eco-Therm)
By Ashbrook Simon-Hartley
Eco-Therm is the simplest, easiest and most economical way to convert sludge to Class A product.� The resulting biosolids have a neutral pH and contain the nitrogen and nutrients that make it a highly-beneficial soil amendment.� With Eco-Therm, biosolids disposal costs are converted to biosolids revenue.
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Biofuel Analyzers
By Wilks Enterprise, Inc.
Wilks Enterprise offers rugged, portable, easy-to-use analyzers for the Biofuels Industry - the InfraCal Biodiesel Blend Analyzer, the InfraCal Ethanol Blend Analyzer and the InfraSpec VFA-IR Spectrometer. They can be operated by personnel having little or no technical knowledge and provide measurement data in less than one minute. The rugged design and portability are ideal for on-site use in laboratories, production facilities or distribution centers.
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SWER Energy Efficient Systems
By LIFESTREAM Watersystems Inc.
Energy Recovery (ER) technology, when added reverse osmosis desalination systems results in systems which operate with 20-40% energy savings over systems without ER technology. Though the initial overall capital cost of the system in somewhat higher, this is offset by savings in energy costs which provide payback in 6 months to 1� years depending on the local price of power. Also, in areas where power capacity is scarce, the SWER is the best answer for the location.
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Gas Storage Membrane - Tensile Fabric Products
By Base Structures Ltd
Our biogas storage dome is designed for the holding of methane gas produced from the anaerobic digestion process and is suitable for small scale farm processes and large scale waste water facilities. It can also be adapted for free standing and tank-top uses. Thanks to the versatile yet durable properties of structural fabric, our domes offer a low cost, high quality solution for the storage of biogas, which can be installed quickly and relatively simply. Available ...
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Customised Energy Market Consulting
By ABS Energy Research
ABS provides customised market and industry research conducting independent and tailored market research studies. We provide a full and comprehensive energy market consulting service for companies working in or looking for opportunities in the global energy and environmental services markets. 
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Solar Maximus Series
By Freytech Inc.
Worldwide, there are thousands of companies specializing in solar power and even more specializing in water purification. There are, only a small handful of companies, though, specializing in "solar water purification" and fewer, still among this select group, that have truly mastered the rather complex engineering process with practicality, affordability and durability in mind. Freytech solar Maximus is a mobile, turnkey, solar powered water purification system. Designed, ...
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Biomass and Coal Boilers
By Advanced Cyclone Systems, S.A.
For PM emission control in high temperature exhaust streams, such as biomass and coal boilers, usual dedusters such as regular cyclones and Multicyclones are not able to reduce emissions to present emission limits. On the other hand, bag filters are very maintenance demanding, implying frequent cleaning and change of filter elements. In addition to high temperatures, these biomass boilers frequently release burning particles which damage filter elements and result ...
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Biogas Optimizer
By Bioprocess Control AB
Biogas Optimizer is an award winning SCADA solution that includes process diagnosis, decision support and optimisation functionality built into one product. With Biogas Optimizer you will be able to unleash the true potential of your biogas plant and in turn maximise your profitability.
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Nems Forecaster®
By add novatech as
add novatech as (in add energy group as) has developed a methodology and a computer program to forecast energy demand, gas and diesel fuel consumption, and exhaust gas emissions - from offshore petroleum production.
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Secondary Fuel Production
By econ industries GmbH u. Co. KG
Process: fuel preparation for cement kilns and power plants. Source: mixed hazardous wastes from various origins with caloric value, hydrocarbon and solvent based sludge, food industry waste, full/empty metal drums and plastic containers, polluted wood/pallets, e.g. with painted surface, plastic packing waste and textiles, contaminated, catalyst and activated carbon, polluted, filters from vehicles, e.g. oil filters. Input material: liquids and sludge with high and ...
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DuoSphere Gasholders
By WesTech Engineering, Inc.
DuoSphere Gasholder structures are strong, lightweight and versatile. The high-strength fabrics, radio frequency welding process, and superior design make complex reinforcing cables or frameworks unnecessary. Because of this, installation is much simplified and heavy equipment is only required to set and adjust the level sensor. Over the years, WesTech has supplied our customers with anaerobic digestion equipment that has added value to their plant operations. WesTech ...
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Solar Pump Series
By Freytech Inc.
Solar Powered Water Pump Stations. For commercial, agricultural/irrigation and drinking water use. Operational down to 800 feet (244 meters) for underground wells. Flow rates: 21 to 1,526 Cubic Meters per Day (CMD) to / 3.9 - 280 Gallons per Minute (GPM). 
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WE-2100 Wind Energy Sonic Anemometer
By Climatronics Corporation
Specifically developed for wind turbine performance assessment and monitoring, Climatronics’ new WE-2100 Wind Energy Sonic Anemometer" (formerly WESA) is a rugged, “no moving parts” sonic anemometer that provides the reliable wind speed and direction data so critical to efficient wind turbine operation. It is ideal for applications requiring high reliability, ruggedness, no periodic maintenance or calibration, and/or ice-free operation. Climatronics" ...
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Clean Enclosed Burners (CEB)
By Bekaert CEB Technologies
Clean Enclosed Burners (CEB) enable oil & gas companies, terminals, petrochemical and biogas industries to cleanly and economically combust waste gases, thereby reducing harmful emissions. The compact size, flexibility, absence of flame, heat radiation, smoke and noise, allows CEB burners to be utilized virtually everywhere waste gas combustion is required.    
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By Landia
Innovative mixing system for anaerobic digesters. Unique method to combine sludge recirculation with gas injection.
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STS 6000-10GPM Automated Fuel Filtration System
By Algae-X International
The STS-6000 series fuel filtration system removes water, sludge and prevents tank sediments in stored fuel ensuring Safe & Reliable Emergency Generator Operation. 
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Medium Temperature Ground Flare (MTF)
Are you looking for CDM compliance? Do you need an economical and trustworthy solution to combust your waste gas? ABUTEC’s MTF is a standard enclosed flare capable of meeting state and federal regulations while offering you significant cost savings both upfront and during operation. This flare is proven throughout the world and is scalable to fit your application. Biogas, dairy farms, manure farms, CDM and Kyoto sites, breweries, and many other sites are excellent ...
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