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  October 11, 2010

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Biomass and Coal Boilers
By Advanced Cyclone Systems, S.A.
For PM emission control in high temperature exhaust streams, such as biomass and coal boilers, usual dedusters such as regular cyclones and Multicyclones are not able to reduce emissions to present emission limits. On the other hand, bag filters are very maintenance demanding, implying frequent cleaning and change of filter elements. In addition to high temperatures, these biomass boilers frequently release burning particles which damage filter elements and result ...
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Ethanol Fuel Production
By AirScience Technologies Inc.
Through its technical cooperation with CFC, AirScience is offering ethanol fuel production plants in the 20 million to 200 million liter per year capacity. According to customer’s preference AirScience will supply complete ethanol plants on a turn-key basis, complete plants on an equipment only basis or specific islands such as ethanol dehydration, fermentation island, DDGS system etc... 
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Corporate Carbon Footprint / Enterprise Carbon Accounting
Corporations discharge greenhouse gases directly or indirectly and thereby contribute to climate change. PE INTERNATIONAL, the premier provider of solution to quantify and manage corporate carbon emissions, provides assistance in managing your Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF). Our global presence and in-depth experience in carbon footprint analysis is a robust basis to provide you with mitigation measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase energy efficiency.
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Acco2unt Carbon Management Software
By Greenstone Carbon Management Ltd
Greenstone�s unique Acco2unt software product suite provides organisations with robust carbon management and accounting solutions. It enables organisations to measure, manage, plan, store and report carbon emission data, track performance on their carbon footprint at multiple organisational levels and to accurately model carbon footprint reduction strategies. Acco2unt can significantly reduce the burden of auditing and reporting for compliance purposes, for stakeholders ...
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Large Scale Turn Key Industrial Plants
By K�rting Hannover AG
K�rting`s decision to unite key specialists in the fields of firing technology and gas cleaning to form a new department called Division U - Environmental Technology - has made us the first company to be able to offer, amongst various other possibilities, large-scale turn key industrial plants for thermal off-gas cleaning, thermal elimination of residual substances and flue-gas cleaning by means of self-developed and -manufactured (since 1885) firing- and scrubbing systems.
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By Pico Envirotec Inc.
The AGRS gammaray spectrometers are widely used in geological and geophysical exploration and mapping as well as in environmental and nuclear surveillance. Individual and independent detector processing provides real time gain and linearity correction. PEI`s unique system stabilization algorithm makes the AGRS fully automated and self stabilizing on natural radio-active elements. This eliminates the requirement for regular and time consuming system checks and recalibration ...
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GammaTRACER - for long-term surveillance of gamma radiation dose
By Saphymo GmbH
GammaTRACER is a new concept in radiation monitoring, designed and manufactured by Saphymo GmbH, Frankfurt, Germany. Until now two types of system have been used for long term environmental surveillance. Both have advantages and disadvantages: on-line measurement networks represent a relatively significant investment in setting up a fixed infrastructure (mains power, modem or radio communications, installation costs, etc). However, the user has the benefit of continuous ...
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PetroAlert Model 8900
By Baseline - MOCON, Inc.
The PetroAlert Model 8900 Gas Chromatograph combines the selectivity of gas chromatography with the sensitivity, broad dynamic range, and hydrocarbon selectivity of a flame ionization detector (FID) providing fast analysis of C1-C5 hydrocarbons required in Mud Logging for oil and gas exploration. The Series 8900 is a multi-purpose gas chromatograph designed to continuously monitor single or multiple gas components in a wide range of applications. The analyzer is microprocessor ...
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The Baumot - Diesel Particulate Filter System
By Baumot AG
The DPF diesel particulate filter is made of ceramic `Wall-Flow` monoliths that is coated a mix of highly active `Washcoat` and a special precious metal formulation. The filter block is affixed in a stainless stell encasing by an elastic bearing, against mechanical oscillations. The patented emissions cleaning system reduces the diesel particles, as well as the gaseous pollutants carbon monoxide (CO) and hydro carbon (HC). The particles are first filtered in the monolith ...
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Multi-Trak Model 670S High-Performance Multi-Point Flow Meter for Large Ducts and Stacks
By Sierra Instruments, Inc.
Sierra`s Multi-Trak Model 670S is an advanced state-of-the-art instrument for measuring mass flow rates in very large ducts or stacks that have non-uniform velocity profiles, high turn-down requirements, dirty gas streams, wide temperature ranges and fast velocity and temperature changes. 
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RDF Processing
By Lindner-Recyclingtech GmbH
Large scale energy users like the cement and steel industry and power generators often demand very stringent specifications for refuse derived fuel (RDF) manufactured from the commercial and industrial waste streams; with particle size requirements of 20 mm. For this purpose a multi-level shredding process is required. The main criterion for the system is the effective pre-shredding of the input material to a defined granulate-size which is a precondition for a problem ...
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Process Oxygen Analyzer EC900
By Systech Instruments
Systech’s oxygen analyzers are designed to accurately measure oxygen levels within most industrial gases. 
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The PWR Process
By Plasma Waste Recycling, Inc.
The patent-pending PWR process uses high-temperature thermal plasma to convert MSW to syngas, molten metal and vitreous slag there is no ash. Air emissions are lower than the combustion of natural gas, and are easily within US EPA standards. The syngas is used to generate electricity which is sold to the power grid. The molten metal is cast as scrap steel and the slag is cast as building material aggregate or spun into mineral wool. Both are sold as byproducts, generating ...
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Force Fuel & Engine Conditioner
By For Earth, Inc.
The greatest savings from using Force Fuel & Engine Conditioner are engine maintenance costs. Force lubricates the walls of the combustion chamber to help prevent engine damage. Engines break down and operate inefficiently because of the long-term wear and tear on vital engine parts. By lubricating these parts with Force, you are increasing the longevity of your vehicle.
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Portable Intrinsically Safe Oxygen Analyzer EC92DIS
By Systech Instruments
Portable oxygen analyzer used to measure oxygen levels suitable for hazardous environments. 
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