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February 13, 2012

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World Power Generation Projects
By The McIlvaine Company
1000"s of power plant projects in the planning or construction phase are tracked on a continuous basis. The proposed fuel type, size, start up date, and project description are included. Awards to contractors are reported progressively from the A/E to the system suppliers and then component suppliers. 20% price discount available to subscribers to 42EI Utility Environmental Upgrade Tracking System.
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Fuel Cell Test Bench
By Umwelttechnik MCZ GmbH
Automatic test bench to check fuel cells with automatic recording of characteristic U/I line, characteristic gas stoichiometry line, dynamic load behavior, characteristic line with different cell temperatures, gas dampening states, and operating pressures.
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Clean Enclosed Burners - Clean Enclosed Burners (CEB)
By Bekaert CEB Technologies
Clean Enclosed Burners (CEB) enable oil & gas companies, terminals, petrochemical and biogas industries to cleanly and economically combust waste gases, thereby reducing harmful emissions. The compact size, flexibility, absence of flame, heat radiation, smoke and noise, allows CEB burners to be utilized virtually everywhere waste gas combustion is required. CEB units replace Thermal Oxidizers, RTO units and Flares, and are used for vapour treatment applications wherever ...
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Diesel Fuel Storage Tanks
By Portable Tank Group, Inc.
A diesel fuel storage tank from Highland Tank stands out among the competition with its superior craftsmanship, construction, and custom design. Our portable tanks and steel tanks are strong, affordable, reliable, and environmentally friendly. Modern fabrication technology, welding, linings, and coatings reinforce the durability of a steel Highland Tank.
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Photovoltaic Module (PVM) Encapsulate Initiators
By United Initiators, Inc.
United Initiators is the specialist in initiators. Whether it"s a small project or a unique application, United Initiators has an initiator that could enhance your product. We will deliver only the amount you need and provide the expertise behind the initiator to ensure your product works better.
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Solar Inverter
Fabrication and distribution of Solar inverter units in rotary current techniques for isolated mode, solar systems and pumping systems.
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Acme - ABS-CEJS-24SC-01 - Auxiliary Boiler Systems
By Acme Engineering Prod. Ltd.
For the past 45 years ACME-AEP has manufactured the key components of auxiliary boiler systems, namely boilers, superheaters, secondary pressure vessels and associated control systems. The Acme ABS Packages are up to date solutions to current problems.
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The Concentrated Photovoltaics Industry Report
By CSP Today
According to the Concentrated Photovoltaics Industry Report 2010, CPV installations in the USA will grow from 1.5 MW to 75MW in the next five years. If installation patterns in the PV industry are anything to go by, this will represent just 8% of total CPV installations by 2015. Findings from the Concentrated Photovoltaics Industry Report show that the CPV industry has emerged stronger from a challenging 2009. Both new projects and the entry of more players into ...
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Digested Biomass Generation
By Biogas Australia Pty Ltd
Biogas Australia suggests that in order to fully utilize the potential of the digested biomass, a further process step be undertaken to enhance the nutrient composition of the biomass.
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Gas Engines for Biogas CHP
By Dreyer & Bosse Kraftwerke GmbH
Gas engines correspond from the working principle internal combustion engines. They can be pursued exclusively, i.e. to 100%, with biogas and take methane concentrations of more than 70% easily. In comparison to dual fuel engines they have mostly a higher electric achievement. what she predestines for bigger arrangements. With Dreyer & Bosse you receive gas engines with an electric achievement between 104 to 717 kW.
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Premix Burner Line
ABUTEC manufactures a complete range of Infrared Burners, LOW NOx Burners, Blue Flame Burners, and Industrial Burners to meet your heating and process needs. We specialize in offering customized solutions to fit your unique applications. Our burners are locally manufactured and utilize proven surface combustion principles to offer you distinct competitive advantages! The T4RAD product line is a unique line aimed at offering a highly durable, easily customized, low emission ...
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