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April 25, 2011

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The constant pressure gasholders are designed to store the biogas made from the anaerobic digestion of the organic waste and sludge. They are made with biogas resistant PVC or Polyurethane two side coated polyester fiber reinforced fabric membranes, welded with high frequency electronic machines. Our exclusive 3 membrane system is designed to form an upper air chamber that gives the pneumatic push on the biogas chamber with the result of keeping the biogas chamber at ...
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Drop In Heat Exchangers
By Noren Products
Drop in air-to-air Heat Exchangers remove waste heat from sealed electrical panels and enclosures using Noren heat pipe technology. Our design dissipates heat from sensitive electronic components without exposing them to the harsh dirty environment outside the cabinet. Drop in models extend into the panel from the side, top, front or back, but minimize the external footprint.
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Refuse Derived Fuel
One way in which values within waste can be utilized is by using it as fuel. RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) is a term that applies to materials with a high calorific value (typically around 18 Megajoule per kilogramm) that are removed from waste streams. Beneficiaries of this material cement kilns to power plants. 
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Mixing System For Anaerobic Digesters GasMix
By Landia
The GasMix system from Landia was developed specifically for biogas plants where the unique GasMix solution ensures a stable and high production of biogas – WITHOUT the high-maintenance big-bladed propellers which are characteristic of traditional biogas systems with mechanical mixers. 
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Large Scale Turn Key Industrial Plants
By K�rting Hannover AG
K�rting`s decision to unite key specialists in the fields of firing technology and gas cleaning to form a new department called Division U - Environmental Technology - has made us the first company to be able to offer, amongst various other possibilities, large-scale turn key industrial plants for thermal off-gas cleaning, thermal elimination of residual substances and flue-gas cleaning by means of self-developed and -manufactured (since 1885) firing- and scrubbing systems.
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Biodiesel Systems
By MEGTEC Systems
The Solvent Recovery Division of MEGTEC Systems has supplies process design and equipment for the recovery, recycling, purification and separation of solvents. We offer this expertise and knowledge to the owner-operators and technology providers of biodiesel plants. Our systems are installed and in operation around the globe in many manufacturing processes including: Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Semiconductor and Electronics, Gravure Printing, Paper, Film and Foil Coating. 
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Clean Enclosed Burners (CEB)
By Bekaert CEB Technologies
Clean Enclosed Burners (CEB) enable oil & gas companies, terminals, petrochemical and biogas industries to cleanly and economically combust waste gases, thereby reducing harmful emissions. The compact size, flexibility, absence of flame, heat radiation, smoke and noise, allows CEB burners to be utilized virtually everywhere waste gas combustion is required.    
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Biogas Desulphurisation
By Colsen International b.v.
Desulphurisation of the biogas produced during digestion is executed by a biological process. Environmental engineering´s agency Colsen b.v. developed an installation named Bidox®. The principle of the Bidox® technology lies in the biological oxidation of H2S by sulphur oxidising bacteria. The system is capable of reducing the H2S content of the biogas to a level in harmony with the biogas treatment engines specifications. The system does not use chemicals ...
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Flameless Thermal Oxidizers
By Selas Fluid Processing
Selas Fluid`s Thermatrix flameless thermal oxidizers (FTO`s) provide field-proven high performance, cost effective solutions for the destruction and removal of a wide range of volatile organic compounds (VOC`s) and hazardous air pollutants (HAP`s). 
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Secondary Fuel Production
By econ industries GmbH u. Co. KG
Process: fuel preparation for cement kilns and power plants. Source: mixed hazardous wastes from various origins with caloric value, hydrocarbon and solvent based sludge, food industry waste, full/empty metal drums and plastic containers, polluted wood/pallets, e.g. with painted surface, plastic packing waste and textiles, contaminated, catalyst and activated carbon, polluted, filters from vehicles, e.g. oil filters. Input material: liquids and sludge with high and ...
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