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  May 31, 2010

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GHG Live - Professional Climate Change Training Classes Coming To Your Town
By Greenhouse Gas Management Institute
 “GHG LIVE”, a series of workshops, training classes and job fairs related to the emerging, regulated low carbon economy. The event series will kick off in North America in 2010 (detailed schedule to be announced in February). 
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Carbon Management Strategy
By Greenstone Carbon Management Ltd
Many organisations are now measuring their carbon emissions for internal monitoring purposes or to meet voluntary and mandatory reporting requirements.
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Energy Market Research Reports & Databases
By ABS Energy Research
ABS publishes a wide range of energy market reports and databases for the electricity, gas, water & waste and renewable markets. We are a premier provider of energy market analysis,� information and energy market forecasts. These cover the supply side and the markets for equipment and components servicing these industries. We follow the energy markets closely and produce new energy market research reports�and energy market research databases every month.
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The PWR Process
By Plasma Waste Recycling, Inc.
The patent-pending PWR process uses high-temperature thermal plasma to convert MSW to syngas, molten metal and vitreous slag � there is no ash. Air emissions are lower than the combustion of natural gas, and are easily within US EPA standards. The syngas is used to generate electricity which is sold to the power grid. The molten metal is cast as scrap steel and the slag is cast as building material aggregate or spun into mineral wool. Both are sold as byproducts, generating ...
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HOFGAS� - Ready - Landfill Gas Flare
By Hofstetter Umwelttechnik AG
The HOFGAS� - Ready is a complete extraction and flaring station for safe and economic degassing of landfill sites. The gas is collected continuously and prepared for further use. The installation can be equipped with a gas utilisation connection for the purpose of energy recovery. A controlled combustion with concealed flame is guaranteed by the HOFGAS� - Efficiency high temperature flare.
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Clean Enclosed Burners (CEB)
By Bekaert CEB Technologies
Clean Enclosed Burners (CEB) enable oil & gas companies, terminals, petrochemical and biogas industries to cleanly and economically combust waste gases, thereby reducing harmful emissions. The compact size, flexibility, absence of flame, heat radiation, smoke and noise, allows CEB burners to be utilized virtually everywhere waste gas combustion is required. �  � 
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Wood Briquetting
By WEIMA America, Inc.
Many types of wood including hard or softwoods, particleboard, plywood and MDF can be shred and used to create briquettes. Mix the wood chips with shaving and sawdust to make the most compact and efficient briquette. Wood briquettes can produce a heat value comparable to that of brown coal. Briquette presses can be beneficial in everything from cabinet shops to millworks and joineries.
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Units Delta Blower - Landfill Gas Blower & Biogas Blower
By Aerzener Maschinenfabrik GmbH
The positive displacement blower units DELTA BLOWER have been modified specially for applications in the range of landfill- and biogas as well as also natural - or town gas. Intake volume flow approx. 60 up to 2.500 m/h. Intake volume flow: approx. 60 up to 2.500 m/h, Size: 10, Suitable for: landfill- and biogas as well as also natural - or town gas, Pressure operation: pressure differences up to 1.000 mbar, Suction operation: pressure differences up to -500 mbar.
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On-site System - Desulphurisation of Biogas
By BioGasClean
BioGascleans gas cleaners are installed at biogas plants where biogas desulphurisation is required. The hydrogen sulphide (H2S) is removed from the biogas in a biological process. The companys H2S scrubbers are available in 4 different product types. Biogas produced on waste water from sugar cane ethanol distilleries has typically a HS content of 3,0% (30.000 ppm) and as the flow of biogas is large the sulphur load is considerable. This requires very big gas cleaners ...
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Biosolids Storage/Unloading Solutions
By BioSec Enviro Inc.
BioSec`s dewatered sludge storage solutions offer the flexibility in meeting various application requirements and providing the most cost-effective solutions on the market today. Operators demand reliable equipment, low maintenance costs and after-market support and service. Innovative design, extremely rugged construction and singlesource responsibility ensures optimum performance is maintained over the long term. We guarantee that a BioSec System meets these needs.
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Biogas Optimizer
By Bioprocess Control AB
Biogas Optimizer is an award winning process optimisation application designed to accelerate the biogas production process and ensure greater process stability.  Biogas Optimizer is adapted for each customer taking into consideration existing process characteristics and integrating key knowledge in the areas of process configuration, feedstock mix, pre- treatment, microbiology and instrumentation, control and automation in order to improve process performance.
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Production of Refuse Derived Fuels (RDF)
By MeWa Recycling Maschinen und Anlagenbau GmbH
Our position in the market concerning the supply of systems technology for the production of alternative fuels is well known. More than 20 integrated MeWa RDF-plants were built in Europe alone. The most significant European waste management companies have been relying on the robust and reliable MeWa technology for years. A further MeWa `winning point` is the reliability of the machines at their high, consistent performance levels as well as long service lives and availabilities.
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Energy Recovery Solutions
By Anguil Environmental Systems, Inc.
Every energy demand is unique, as is every energy-efficiency improvement opportunity. At Anguil, our track record includes an ability to blend time-tested, standard products with innovative, custom engineered solutions. We design, manufacture and install energy recovery systems that decrease your energy consumption, reduce operating costs and maximize return on investment. 
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C103 GHG Accounting and Verification
By Greenhouse Gas Management Institute
This certificate is for those interested in a through introduction to GHG accounting and the key standards and best practices in this area, as well as rigorous training on verification of emission inventories and offset projects. Upon completion you will be prepared to actively engage in greenhouse gas management and markets and be an intelligent consumer of verification services. 
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Model 202 Ozone Monitor
By 2B Technologies
The 2B Technologies Model 202 Ozone Monitor and Model 202M Ozone Monitor (rack-mounted version) are designed to enable accurate and precise measurements of ozone ranging from low ppb (precison of ~1 ppbv) up to 100,000 ppb (0-100 ppm) based on the well established technique of absorption of light at 254 nm. The Ozone Monitor is light weight (4.7 lb., 2.1 kg.) and has a low power consumption (12v DC, 0.33 amp, 4.0 Watt) relative to conventional instruments and is ...
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Fast Methane Analyzer
By Los Gatos Research
For your convenience, we now offer three versions of our popular methane analyzer. These instruments are designed to work in ambient air and to deliver accurate results at rapid response rates. If you require the fastest response rate possible (data rate up to 20 Hz), you will want to use our Fast Methane Analyzer. For applications requiring measurements of CH4 and CO2, both our Fast Greenhouse Gas Analyzer and our Methane/Carbon Dioxide Analyzer ...
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