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May 21, 2018
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AEREON - Model MPGF - Multi-Point Ground Flare Systems
When real estate is available, multi-point ground flare (MPGF) systems are an economical approach to smokeless combustion of large amounts of process gas. By inducing air to a large array of high-pressure burning points, smokeless combustion can be achieved ...
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DILO - Model 3-393-R001 and 3-393-R002 - Portable SF6 Gas Refilling Device
by DILO Armaturen und Anlagen GmbH
The handy devices allow filling of electrical equipment with SF6 gas directly from the bottle by overpressure. The primary gauge of the pressure reducer displays the bottle pressure in bar, the secondary gauge indicates the desired filling pressure to ...
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AMETEK MOCON - Baseline - Online Gas Chromatograph for Hydrocarbon Measurement

The PetroAlert Series 9100 is designed specifically for the oil and industry.   Incorporating all of the key features of the Series 9100 GC`s while providing a FID (Flame Ionization Detector) for extra hydrocarbon sensitivity. Light hydrocarbon analysis, C1 to C5, is completed in 30 seconds while preserving the C1 to C2 separation. Heavier hydrocarbon  analysis is also available for application that desire C6 +.

B&W MEGTEC - Coating Lines and Solvent Recovery Systems
by Babcock & Wilcox MEGTEC LLC
B&W MEGTEC provides a comprehensive turnkey approach for producing battery electrode coated materials. Our capabilities cover both ends of the production line, as well as everything in between. We provide systems for raw material handling, slurry ...
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Sierra - Fuel Pressure Regulation Unit
by Sierra Instruments, Inc.
Each Fuel Pressure Regulation Unit is designed to allow a range of settable fuel delivery pressures to be achieved. The pressure setpoint inputted by the customer (either directly entered into CADET V14, or client host system) is controlled by an electro ...
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Lufft - Model VENTUS-X-UMB - Ultrasonic Wind Sensor with Extended Heating
by G. Lufft Mess- und Regeltechnik GmbH
VENTUS-X: Additional transducer heater for most eXtreme environmental conditions! Extremely precise and maintenance-free measurement of wind speed and wind direction even in the lowest temperature.
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Genano - Model VOC Series - Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) Gas Abatement Systems - Catalytic Oxidizers
by Genano Solutions
Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are chemicals that constitute one of the primary elements or air pollution in a wide range of industries. Our catalytic VOC abatement systems are energy efficient, low-temperature custom solutions. They will help you ...
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FINN - Model BB1216 - Bark & Mulch Blowers - John Deere 115hp Diesel Engine
by FINN Corporation
The FINN BB1216 applies landscape mulch and other bulk materials with unprecedented efficiency, and eliminates the need for labor-intensive hand application. The BB1216, with 15.7 cubic yard capacity, provide high efficiency mulch application capabilities ...
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Mellegard & Naij - Model RP - Ram Press Hydraulic Conveyor Press
by Hydria Water AB
Robust quality stainless construction enables high compaction forces and good dewatering. Modern design on well proven concept. Conveys long distances >10m. Stainless steel hydraulic power unit. Selectable perforation type for high dewatering and ...
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Services for Standfitters
by Italian Exhibition Group S.p.A.
The expo world is increasingly dynamic and constantly evolving and the success of a trade fair depends on the collaboration and integration of three interconnected worlds: those of exhibitors, visitors and standfitters.
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