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  October 04, 2010

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Arsenic Quick� for Water Quality Testing (481396)
By Industrial Test Systems, Inc.
Arsenic Quick� for water quality testing was designed to give the user accurate results without sacrificing cost and time. Designed using cutting-edge chemistry, Arsenic Quick� reports results in only 12 minutes. Additionally, there are no dangerous chemicals needed to run this kit to test water quality. With only one simple test procedure (using 3 reagents), Arsenic Quick is a must for any lab testing water quality, water testing professional, or service technician ...
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AlphaGUARD - radon monitor
By Saphymo GmbH
AlphaGUARD is a portable, battery- or net-operated radon monitor with high storage capacity. In addition to the radon concentration in air AlphaGUARD measures and records also simultaneously ambient temperature, relative humidity and atmospheric pressure with integrated sensors. By combining the monitoring of radon with these associated environmental parameters it is possible to draw valid conclusions regarding the temporal and spatial distribution of the radon gas. ...
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Hearing Conservation Software and Services
By Larson Davis, a division of PCB Piezotronics
Hearing Loss from noise exposure could affect more than 30 million North American workers. It is one of the most prevalent occupational diseases worldwide. By implementing an effective Hearing Conservation Program, Industrial Hygienists, Safety and Health Professionals, Consultants and Hearing Conservationists can help limit the number of cases of Occupational Noise-Induced Hearing Loss. Larson Davis offers advanced new software and related services to ensure your Hearing ...
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Phigenics Validation Test � Detecting Viable Legionella
By Phigenics, LLC
The Phigenics Validation Test is a field method for the quantitative detection of viable Legionella and total heterotrophic aerobic bacteria. The method has been proven reliable for detecting viable cell concentrations of Legionella pneumophila, Legionella species and total heterotrophic aerobic bacteria. In comparison to standard methods, the protocol has been shown to be more accurate, faster and more convenient. 
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Advanced Hazardous Waste Management
By Environmental Resource Center
Go beyond the basics with this challenging course and delve into EPA`s interpretations on the most daunting gray areas. Advanced Hazardous Waste Management is designed for those with prior RCRA training. This class covers much more than the regulatory requirements and meets your annual training requirement.� 
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MSDgen� � MSDS Authoring Software
By 3E Company
MSDgen� provides in-house EH&S, R&D and Product Stewardship professionals the tools needed to effectively manage the complexities of producing and maintaining globally compliant and reliable hazard communication documentation. Our goal is to work with customers to achieve the highest possible long-term value by providing MSDS authoring software and management tools that are easily adapted to work within their various business and technical environments.
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Carbamate Pesticide
By Pickering Laboratories, Inc.
Pickering Laboratories Carbamate columns are guaranteed to produce the separation of carbamate residues, specified by EPA and AOAC methods. For C18 columns, two water/methanol gradient conditions are available for analysis of methanolic and water samples. Expanded resolution C8 column is capable of separating as many as 23 carbamates with either water/methanol or water/acetonitrile gradients. The difference in selectivity between Methanol and Acetonitrile protocols ...
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Health And Safety Concern Reports
By Intelex Technologies Inc.
The Intelex Health and Safety Concern Reports software includes a web-based form that enables any member of the organization to initiate a safety concern. Once submitted the safety concern report is routed to the appropriate staff. Routing activity and corrective actions identified as a result of a safety concern are tracked through the Intelex System.
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By BREEZE Software and Data / Trinity Consultants
The potential risks associated with liquefied fuel gas (LFG), and particularly liquefied natural gas (LNG) can be analyzed with the new, integrated BREEZE LFG Fire/Risk. LFG Fire/Risk allows the user to predict the vaporization rate and downwind vapor concentrations for explosions hazards and thermal radiation from resulting fires.
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FS-1000 WT, Water Treatment Applications
By Neosens S.A.
Unique solution for continuous fouling monitoring in your cooling systems & all critical water processes.  The FS-1000 possesses the following technical features: - with its stainless steel body (316L), the probe can resist to temperatures up to 150C, - double measurement range (0-1mm, 0-5mm) with a high sensitivity level from only few microns, - factory calibration, and no maintenance needed, - dedicated for industrial purposes, the FS-1000 has been developed ...
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Soil Gas Vapor Sampling Systems
By EON Products Inc.
Soil gas samplers are a simple and low cost method for obtaining gas samples beneath the soil surface when monitoring hydrocarbon spills, tank and pipe leakage, landfills, and hazardous waste sites. The Soil Gas Vapor Probe is used for shallow monitoring to about 4 feet. The probe is manually pushed into place with a rigid Extension Rod and our T-Handle or Drive Hammer. The inner rods prevent soil from entering the sampler during driving and are removed for sampling. ...
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Compliance and Permitting Services
By Burns & McDonnell
Burns & McDonnell has assisted industrial clients throughout the nation with professional compliance and regulatory consultation services. As a nationally recognized leader in the environmental and engineering community, we offer our clients the strength and experience required to satisfy the needs of any environmental project.
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Spill Containment Caddy
Spill Containment Caddy. 
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Four-Drum Nestable Spill Containment Pallet
By CG Industrial Safety Products
The low-profile Four Drum Nestable Pallet nests for economical multi-unit shipments. Corrosion -resistant polyethylene pallet features a 3/4” drain plug and a grating that removes for easy cleaning. Forkliftable from all four sides. 66-gallon secondary spill capacity. Load capacity of 6000 lb. Use with the handy Polyethylene Ramp , which measures 32W x 45 1/2 D x 8” H and has a load capacity of 1500lbs. Yellow. 
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