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April 25, 2011

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MSDS Management Module
By Spiramid, LLC
This is not your ordinary MSDS Management software.  When Spiramid decided to add the MSDS module to the SHE-MIS’ suite of integrated EH&S modules, our focus was to take advantage of the existing components to reduce the need for double entry.  This has resulted in a streamlined management of MSDSs as well as a tight interaction with other SHE-MIS modules. 
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By Larson Davis, a division of PCB Piezotronics
HVManager is a Risk Assessment and Recordkeeping software tool for reporting Vibration measurements and predicting Personal Exposure Levels. It provides reports of vibration measurement data from hand-arm and whole-body measurements acquired from the Larson Davis HVM100 Human Vibration Meter and produces vibration database records by tool type and serial number. HVManager also compiles cumulative predicted vibration exposure levels from any combination of tools and ...
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KARTOTRAK - The first all-in-one software solution for contaminated site characterization
Kartotrak is the first all-in-one software solution designed to characterize in real-time sites that are contaminated by radioactive substances before, during and after soil or structure clean-up. Born out of a perfect partnership between Geovariances and the French Commission for Atomic Energy (CEA), Kartotrak software puts geostatistics at the heart of issues relating to the decommissioning of radio-contaminated sites. Kartotrak is an innovative all-in-one software ...
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Continuous Portable Radiation Air Monitor F&J Model RMDF-30L
Model RMDF-30L is a portable lightweight continuous beta radiation air monitor that measures near real-time gross radioactivity levels on a 47 mm glass fiber filter paper. The system provides audible and visible alarms based upon an operator selectable activity or concentration value. Gross beta-gamma radioactivity is measured as a Cs-137 equivalent value. Other specific isotopes are operator selectable. Metric or English units are available as a factory installed selection. ...
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MSDS Authoring
By The Wercs Ltd.
The WERCS® is the most comprehensive, automated MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) authoring solution. Based on 20 years of experience, we are able to offer a scalable solution regardless of how many MSDSs you author. And, because central to each one of our offerings is the industry standard in authoring software, The WERCS®, you can be rest assured that all your data, time and energy is preserved for your next expansion. 
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3m Organic Boom (10Ft)
By Galuku International Pty Ltd
SpillFix Universal Organic Booms are designed to meet the operational, workplace and environmental requirements for inland hazardous spills. They are highly functional, non-hazardous, disposable, biodegradable, nonflammable, and the absorbent is made from a natural renewable organic resource. 
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Aluminum or Steel Frame Decontamination Pools
By Husky Portable Containment
Husky"s Folding Frame Decontamination Pools are built with a steel frame or aluminum frame and utilize a 22 oz. pvc liner. Standard sizes are listed below, but we can manufacture a tank to fit any size requirement. 
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By EHS Data Ltd.
MP-5.Web is a browser-based Environment, Health and Safety data management software product. It is based on Monitor-Pro databases, sharing a common data set with the desktop installed MP-5. MP-5.Web is designed for remote, user-friendly access to data, with minimal installation requirements. The standard system is very customisable and often provides a platform for client specific content such as page style and layout, dashboards, custom data entry forms, etc. For many ...
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First Repsonse Leak Repair Kit
By InduMar Products, Inc.
The First Response Leak Repair Kit provides everything in one box for maintenance and safety teams to quickly respond to most common leaks in pipes, tanks, and drums. The kit contains a variety of sealing devices and materials to address pipe leaks and surface holes of all shapes, as well as cracks and gashes. Each kit includes a small, medium, and large size of the STOP IT Pipe Repair System, five Fix Stix Epoxy, eighteen assorted wooden plugs, rubber hammer, ...
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MPU Oil-Sorbent
By Mobius Technologies
The ONLY solution to an oil spill is to REMOVE as much of the oil as possible... and this truth will become more obvious the more we try to do otherwise. 
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