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  August 30, 2010

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Carechem Marine - Marine Chemical Spills Management
By NCEC (National Chemical Emergency Centre)
Rapid, accurate and reliable advice is essential for the safe and effective management of all marine chemical spills.� Carechem Marine provides everyone involved in the marine transport of chemicals with a unique service: 24-hour marine chemical emergency support and consultancy services backed up by one of the world`s leading chemical spill software.
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Entropy™ Software
EntropyTM Software BSI`s integrated management system software, is used by leading organizations at over 14,000 sites around the world to improve their business performance and manage their risks.
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By microLAN On-line Biomonitoring Systems
The TOXmini is a portable and easy to use system for toxicity measurements in a wide variety of samples and applications. It automatically measures the luminescent effect of the Vibrio fisheri and will give an indication when the tested sample is toxic. It can be used in the laboratory (also in combination with the optional cooling block) and as a field system running on it’s internal batteries. Its also an ideal solution to be used on conjunction with the TOXcontrol ...
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Synergi Behaviour Based Safety (BBS)
By Synergi Solutions AS
Identify at risk behaviour through the standardised Check list. Measure site, process and activity performance through the extensive search and analysis tool. Follow up corrections, actions and improvements through the action management workflow. 
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Mobile 660 Marine Oil & Fuel Spill Kit - SKM660
By Global Spill Control
Spill Kit type:  Oil, fuel, diesel, petrol, solvents & other petroleum products. 
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CFC draw-off systems
By ATN Environmental Systems bv
The ATN III draw-off machine is intended to drain hermetically-closed cooling systems as found in domestic cooling apparatus and the like. These machines not only drain the chlorofluorocarbon that is so damaging to our environment, but also remove the oil from the cooling system during the same action. Since this takes place within a very short time, it is possible to achieve high production volumes with a small crew. The speed of coupling and drainage is made possible ...
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Model 10 FID Hydrocarbon Analyzer
By VIG Industries
The VIG Industries, Inc. Model 10 is a microprocessor based, spot heated total hydrocarbon gas analyzer designed for high accuracy, sensitivity and stability. The Model 10 uses a flame ionization detector (FID) for continuous measurement of a dry sample stream at ambient temperature. The FID is spot heated to prevent condensation, and to provide repeatable, reliable performance in the analysis of a wide variety of hydrocarbon concentrations in gaseous mixtures or in ambient air. 
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Truck Drive-in Containment Berms
By Chemtex, Inc.
Protect heavy equipment from spills during filling, discharging, cleaning, and maintenance. Smaller sizes provide total containment of drums, tanks, generators, compressors, and other equipment prone to leaks and spills. Sidewalls lower quickly to allow drive-in/drive-out. No inflation required. 
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MSDS Management
By SiteHawk
SiteHawk Vendor MSDS Management (VMM) is the extra resource you need to stay compliant. SiteHawk VMM is a robust chemical data management solution, offering user-friendly interfaces, streamlined inventory management and progressive regulatory and environmental compliance solutions all in a web-based application.
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By US Chemical Storage
CHEMloc is the standard for Non Fire Rated hazardous materials storage buildings. This line is constructed of a continuously welded structural steel tube frame with continuously welded 12-gauge cold-rolled steel forming the skin of the units. Its standard construction also includes our built-in secondary containment sump that is tested to be leak-tight. FM and Warnock Hersey approved to store hazardous materials, including flammables and combustibles at distances ...
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Continuous Air Chamber Berms - Eagle Series II
By Husky Portable Containment
Husky Air Wall Berms have a continuous air chamber that allows the air to disperse throughout the chamber when driving in and out of the berm. This design, along with the pressure relief valve, eliminates any blowouts. 
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FacTS (EH&S Compliance Reporting System)
By Quantum Compliance Systems, Inc.
Fully relational FacTS gives users enterprise-wide environmental, health, and safety (EH&S) record-keeping and reporting capabilities. Seamless expansion capability allows you to add features as your company requirements grow. With six suites, it is the most comprehensive offering of EH&S functionality available today. It`s the only system of its kind designed to run in an enterprise with multiple facilities, complex organizations, and demanding requirements. 
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Niton XL2 Series
By Thermo Scientific Niton Analyzers
Value choice Thermo Scientific Niton XL2 Series XRF analyzers combine high performance with advanced electronics while maintaining the point-and-shoot simplicity that you have come to expect from our XRF instruments. They provide customized menus for ease of use, plus multi-language support, and a standard analysis range of more than 25 elements. Sealed against moisture and dust with 100% embedded software tools, Niton XL2 analyzers are ruggedly built to withstand the ...
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Model# UVF-3100A Analyzer - for testing different types of petroleum contaminants
By Sitelab Corporation
Sitelab`s UVF-3100 analyzer is fitted with two optical filter sets for testing gasoline range (BTEX) hydrocarbons separete from diesel and oil range hydrocarbons. Use for GRO, DRO, TPH and EPH applications.
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Fast, easy and accurate environmental analysis in laboratory with X-Supreme
By Oxford Instruments Industrial Analysis
The X-Supreme8000 is a benchtop multi-element analyser typically measuring sulphur, chlorine, and a range of transition elements such as copper, zinc etc in waste oils. The sample is normally measured “as-received”, and providing the elements are below prescribed limits the oil can  be used as an “alternative fuel” thereby saving cost.  The Twin-X includes a 10 position sample carousel for multi-sample analysis, and an integrated ...
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Alliance Systems for Carbamate Analysis
By Waters Corporation
For research scientists and chemists in the food and environmental analysis industries who need the most accurate and sensitive HPLC and LC/MS analysis of pesticides and related compounds, Waters Alliance Carbamate Analysis Systems enable the detection of significantly lower levels of carbamates and can confirm (with the Alliance LC/MS System) trace level pesticide residues in food and water matrices. 
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