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July 16, 2018
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Model GP - Concentrated Water Based Odor Neutralizer
by J & R Business Enterprises Inc.
Chemically neutralizes and removes permanently on contact wide range of malodors including odors from urine, vomit, feces, soiled diapers,  pets, kitty litter, dead animals, rotting flesh, food, fish smell, cooking, garbage smell, ammonia, hydrogen ...
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RSA - Model PF-4000 and PF-8000 - Pulse-Flow Respirometers
by Respirometer Systems and Applications, LLC
RSA’s PF-4000 and PF-8000 Pulse-Flow respirometers are designed specifically to measure oxygen uptake for aerobic biological reactions and gas production from anaerobic and anoxic biological reactions. Modular system design allows easy expansion. ...
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Small to mid-size organizations challenged by GHS and other region-specific regulations, can now further advance legislative compliance. eLITE enables an organization to seamlessly create and distribute SDS documents using a secure, web-based platform. Furthermore, WERCS eLITE offers a powerful solution that is right-sized for a smaller company’s needs and budget.

Cirrus - Invictus Noise Monitors for Environmental Noise Measurements
by Cirrus Research plc
The Invictus is a range of next generation environmental noise measurement instruments from Cirrus Research. The Invictus is available as either a portable noise monitor that is ideal for short and medium-term measurements, or an installed system designed ...
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P-80 Emulsion IFC - Temporary Assembly Lubricant For Incidental Food Contact
by International Products Corporation
P-80 Emulsion for Incidental Food Contact (IFC) is a temporary lubricant that eases assembly operations by reducing the force needed to install rubber and plastic parts. Once assembly is complete, the lubricant dries and the parts return to their original ...
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Carbon Monoxide (CO) Analysis Modules
by mlu-recordum Environmental Monitoring Solutions GmbH
Carbon monoxide (CO) is an extremely toxic gas resulting from incomplete combustion of carbon and carbonaceous products.
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Model B510 - Oil Only Sorbent Booms (Polypropylene)
by Interstate Products Inc
Provides containment & maximum adsorption while repelling water, Absorbs oil on land or water even when raining, Will not sink even if the boom is saturated, Comprised of anti-shed or non-lint netting, Overlapping clips for deployment in any length, ...
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Casella - Model dBadge Series - Noise Dosimeter
by Casella
The ‘classic’ dBadge Noise Dosimeter set the standard for cable-free, noise dosimeters. Comprising two models including Intrinsically Safe versions, it has a compact design and is extremely easy to use. The world’s first all-digital ...
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