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December 17, 2018
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Sialex Ring - For Controlling of Scale and Corrosion
by Phoenix Ring Manufaktur UG
SialexRing - The first offering using the Sialex® process. These devices are employed in the control of “Scale” and “Corrosion” associated with water pipes and devices exposed to this water, as a result of these pipes carrying ...
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Cleartec - Model IFAS/FBBR - Fixed Media Integrated Film Activated Sludge System
by Ovivo (Formerly Eimco Water Technologies)
The Cleartec system consists of a submerged, fixed-bed, polypropylene textile media which promotes attached growth biomass in IFAS and FBBR applications. The Cleartec system is a highly efficient IFAS/FBBR solution. Cleartec is a registered trademark ...
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Enviance, Inc. - Greenhouse Gas Software

Adapt to new regulations, and keep a history of calculation methodologies—and their results. With our software, you can roll up data to anyone who needs it. Streamline your work when you use the same source data for sustainability calculations, keep federal versus state requirements organized, and easily calculate what’s required for the applicable sources and subparts.

Ferrocid/Dilurit - Intelligent Biocide Applications to Protect Water Systems from Biological Contamination
by Kurita
Industrial water systems often represent an ideal place for the growth and multiplication of microorganisms. This microorganisms can cause numerous problems in aqueous systems, including slime deposits, microbiologically induced corrosion, unpleasant ...
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Environmental Impact Assessment Training Courses
by International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA)
Training at Annual Conferences: IAIA offers 8-12 training courses each year in conjunction with its annual conference. These one- or two-day courses cover a range of aspects regarding impact assessment and may be beginner, intermediate, or advanced in ...
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Apex GoPost3 - Natural, Plant-Based Composting Medium
by Apex Coconuts and Solar Energy Limited
GoPost3 is a natural, plant-based composting medium. It transforms organic waste into valuable, versatile, odor-free compost. GoPost3 offers natural alternatives for responsibly disposing all household organic waste.
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PID Analyzers - Model 114+ - Portable LEL, CH4, CO, CO2 Analyzer
by PID Analyzers, LLC.
The Model 114 is an IR based analyzer that utilizes interchangeable IR sensors (for CO2 and CH4) for low range or high range (0-100% v/v). The Model 114 includes one IR sensor for CH4 or CO2 with up to 3 optional electrochemical sensors, datalogging, ...
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Bredel - Long Life Hose Elements
by Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group
The hose element is critical to ensure pump performance, durability and efficiency. Bredel composite reinforced hoses are constructed from high-quality compounded rubbers reinforced with up to four individual layers of braided nylon, and finished by ...
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