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May 28, 2018
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Grande - Model ACU-SELF - Self-Adjusting Floating Baffle System
by Grande Water Management Systems
The ACU-SELF Self-Adjusting Floating Baffle System is designed to reduce floating debris from entering storm water overflow systems, combined sewer overflow (CSO) systems, sanitary sewer overflow (SSO) systems, retention tank overflows and basin overflows. ...
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Dual Barrier Kit
by Rapid Barrier Systems Inc.
Easy to Use....Simply lay tarp as per instructions, place the barrier on the tarp, screw extension pipe into the port opening and fill with your garden hose. Done in 4 minutes!
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Excal Visual, Inc. - SPCC Employee Training Kit for General Industry

This new SPCC employee training kit is a 2 video program that focuses on the following subjects: EPA regulations and SPCC plan, Spill Clean Up & Response, Operations & Maintenance, Oil Transfers, Used Oil and Discharge Procedure Protocols. The 1st video is a comprehensive 29-minute program that thoroughly details the regulation for employees. The 2nd video is a 19-minute program that covers the basic regulatory elements, and can be used when time is a factor for the trainer or as an annual refresher. 

Biofeasibility Studies Services
by Microbe Inotech Laboratories, Inc
One of the most frequently requested set of tests is the Bioremediation Feasibility Series. It is a straight forward series of analyses that provide an objective evaluation of a site for bioremediation. The flow-chart shows the progression of tests as ...
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B&W MEGTEC - Solvent Recovery Systems
by Babcock & Wilcox MEGTEC LLC
B&W MEGTEC’s solvent recovery systems are based on today’s most advanced and reliable adsorption and distillation technologies. They are site-specific and add long-term value to your manufacturing operation allowing you to produce high ...
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Irritec - Foggers to control Greenhouse Temperatures
Lowers air temperatures. An efficient mister system can reduce greenhouse temperatures by 4-6 degrees C, depending on external conditions, i.e. outdoor temperature and humidity.
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Cambi - Biorenewables Researching Projects
by Cambi Group AS
Cambi is currently undertaking a large number of research projects on converting biomass to energy and fertilizer. Many universities in Europe and USA are engaged with analysis of Cambi thermally pretreated lignocellulosic material. We have invested ...
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Electricals Panels for Livestock House Climate and Production Controllers
DACS builds panels for climate- and production controllers, motor protectors, switches and other electrical components, so that the customer receive a panel that just needs to be connected to the electrical installation in the building. All components ...
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Calitri - Model FC12/FC8/FC4/FC2 - Fry Counter
by CALITRI sprl
Type of fry: trout - salmon - bass - bream. Counting size: 1gr to 15gr. Counting capacity: 125.000 fry/hour. Flow of water: maximum 12m³/hour. Number of channels: 12. Channels width: 30 mm. Input diameter: 160 mm. Accuracy: 97%. Dimensions: L x ...
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Model PE/PVC - Micro-Tubes with Ultraviolet Protection
by Plastic Puglia
PE and PVC micro-tubes with ultraviolet protection, free from lead and cadmium used with irrigation systems as a connection among main supply pipe and the emitting devices (micro drippers, sprinklers, etc.).
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