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May 02, 2011

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Photometer (multiparameter) DR850
By DelAgua Water Testing Limited
Portable, colorimeter with energy saving LED technology, battery-/rechargeable battery operation, real-time clock, built-in timer, datalogging capacity for up to 99 measurements and AutoOff function; Wavelength: 520 nm; Cell-Compatibility: 1-inch round; 16mm adapter; 13mm with adapter; RS-232 interface with data transfer adapter; Operation mode: Preprogrammemed for 20 HACH methods; Absorbance and Transmittance; Linear and non-linear calibration curves. 
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Ultra 3 and Ultra 5 - ultrasonic level measurement
By Pulsar Process Measurement Ltd
Ultra 3 and 5 represent the leading edge of ultrasonic level measurement and control. Sophisticated, full function controllers with either 3 (Ultra 3) or 5 (Ultra 5) control/alarm relays. Wall, fascia, panel or rack mount, Ultra 3 and 5 units provide large displays with intuitive and straightforward menu programming. An Ultra system consists of a control unit and a transducer, which may be positioned up to 500 metres away. Both Ultra 3 and Ultra 5 have the option of ...
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Remote Monitoring
By PHOENIX Process Equipment Co.
In a typical manufacturing facility there may be hundreds of machines and OEM-supplied systems operating in concert to ensure a product is manufactured in a timely, high-quality and cost-effective manner. Each of these machines generates data, but aggregating this information and presenting it in a useful format is cumbersome. 
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Rosette Water Samplers
By General Oceanics Inc.
General Oceanics Rosette Water Samplers with GO-FLO sampling Bottles and Idronaut 316CTD.   This flexible system can be configured for any size vessel and deployed with or without a conducting sea cable .  The GO-FLO water bottles equipment with the new CAM release can be opened discretely at any depth to avoid contamination from above.  The Idronaut conductivity sensor is not damaged by contact with oil. The system can be equipped with a full range ...
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By Kummert GmbH
The colour camera CamFlex is an extremely flexible and negotiable camera, bendable from DN100 87�. Laterals can be inspected, bushings examined and obstacles negotiated. Perfect illumination, a high-qualitiy picture, as well as the measurement of inclination/declination are just some of the features CamFlex is offering.
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Ultrameter II™
By Myron L Company
Conductivity, Resistivity, TDS, pH, ORP & Temperature. We are proud of the trust our handheld instruments and monitor/controllers have earned in the past. Our product line has evolved to a new level of outstanding performance and value in analytical instruments: the Ultrameter II series. While priced like affordable single-parameter instruments, the Ultrameter II does the job of three, four or even six instruments.
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ESdat Environmental Database Management System
By EarthScience Information Systems Pty Ltd. (EScIS)
ESdat is a specialist environmental database management system, for use by environmental consultants and site managers; particularly those concerned with contaminated / industrial sites, groundwater investigations, landfill and regulatory compliance. 
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Grundfos Direct Sensors
By Grundfos Pumps Corporation
A breakthrough in applied physics at Grundfos delivers a 3-in-1 silicon based sensor for measurement of flow, pressure and differential pressure. Integrated temperature measurement available. The sensor technology has demonstrated robustness in harsh environments such as hot liquids, steam, acids, bases and is suitable for high pressure applications.
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Sea Flume
By KC-Denmark A/S
Sea flume for max. 400 m depth. It`s a device for in situ studies of threshold, erosion velocity and erosional behavior of undisturbed marine muds. The sea flume has been packed with equipment and going down for testing. Small water sampler, 3 x 50 ml, released by a burn-wire system.
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MK-III RTI-LR Sensor Assembly
By RainWise Inc.
The MK-III sensor assembly has been designed to offer improved durability and serviceability. This sleek new design is 33 inches high and weighs just over 7 pounds. It is the most accurate, durable and easiest to install weather station available. 
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