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January 21, 2019
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BÜCHI - Model E-816 ECE - Automated Continuous Extraction Unit
by BÜCHI Labortechnik AG
Perform economic fat determination in food and feed samples with the E-816 ECE (Economic Continuous Extraction). The automated continuous extraction method ensures simple method selection and easy operation. Highest solvent recovery and reduced solvent ...
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qTOWER³ - Real-Time PCR Thermal Cycler
by Analytik Jena AG
Vision, Amazement, Simplicity: the new qTOWER³ real-time PCR thermal cycler from Analytik Jena. The patented fiber optic shuttle system with unique light source powered by 4 high-performance LED’s guarantees ideal excitation and detection ...
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Metrohm AG - Entry-Level Titrators for Water Analysis

Metrohm offers a family of entry-level volumetric and coulometric titrators for the determination of moisture (water) in samples: the 870 KF Titrino plus and the 899 Coulometer. These titrators are small in size, accurate, and robust. You can choose the suitable titrator depending on whether your samples contain high or low amounts of water.


AirSense - Model PEN3 - Portable Electronic Nose
by PCA Technologies SRL
PEN3 is the essential electronic nose for food and pharmaceutical industries (quality control purposes as well as for environmental monitoring (recognition of emission sources).  It is a small, fast and robust identification system for gases and ...
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APG - Model Series PRL - True Echo Pulse Radar Level Transmitter for Liquids
by Automation Products Group, Inc. (APG)
The True Echo™ PRL brings the unassailably accurate level readings of radar sensors to all types of liquid measurement. Versatile Materials Two housing materials plus multiple antenna choices equals a sensor that operates anywhere you need it to. Easy ...
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Analox - Model 5S3 - Dual Beam Infrared Carbon Dioxide Sensor
by Analox Sensor Technology
This highly precise, stable and accurate dual beam infrared carbon dioxide (CO2) sensor is ideal for integration into a CO2 incubator or other gas cabinet.
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BeadedStream - Heavy Duty Digital Temperature Cable (DTC)
by BeadedStream
When you need a digital temperature cable that is extra reliable BeadedStream’s Heavy Duty cable is your best option. It is constructed with a thicker Polyurethane coating and aramid fibers that increases strength in tension and minimize ...
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ADC - Model CCM-200 plus - Chlorophyll Content Meter
by ADC BioScientific Ltd
The CCM-200 Chlorophyll Content Meter accurately determines chlorophyll content in plants and crops. Especially useful for improving Nitrogen management programs, the CCM-200plus is an ideal instrument for both research and teaching. The CCM-200 provides ...
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Tekran - Model 2750 - Methyl Mercury Distillation System
by Tekran Instruments Corporation
Tekran Instrument Corporation introduces the new Tekran Model 2750 Methyl Mercury Distillation System. The Tekran 2750 is designed to be compact and modular, reducing the required bench top footprint and scaling to your particular sample throughput. ...
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