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May 02, 2011

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AQUARIUS Hydrologic Workstation�
By Aquatic Informatics Inc
AQUARIUS Hydrologic Workstation™ combines all of the functionality of AQUARIUS Time-Series™ Pro with AQUARIUS Rating Curve™ in one seamless package. It has been designed for hydrologists and scientists who have a wide breadth of requirements including: building rating curves using the US Geological Survey methods, building regression, neural network, and dynamic models, applying more sophisticated data corrections. 
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Filtralite Expanded Clay Filter Media
By Saint-Gobain Byggevarer
Filtralite is lightweight ceramic particle aggregates designed for and proven to be an excellent material for water and wastewater purification. The low density granules have large pore volumes with large surface areas, and is therefore an ideal medium for biofilm growth. Filtralite has the ideal characters required also for conventional filtration and has proved to be better than comparable filter media.
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CAP 18 ME� anaerobic bioremediation product
By Carus Corporation
CAP 18 ME� anaerobic bioremediation product has been specifically manufactured for environmental applications such as anaerobic remediation of soils and associated groundwater.
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Groundwater Remediation and Contamination Removal
By Siemens Industry Inc.
We provide safe, reliable and cost-effective drinking water treatment programs geared for the needs of large municipalities and small communities alike. We understand that complying with current and future regulations can be difficult. That’s why Siemens takes the guesswork out of solving your contaminated water problems. With turnkey remedial and polishing services, we provide you with peace of mind that your drinking water treatment challenges will be handled ...
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Klozur Activated Persulfate
By FMC Corporation
Klozur activated persulfate is the oxidant of choice for remediation because of its broad ability to treat a wide range of organic contaminants, including TPH, BTEX, chlorinated solvents, PAHs, pesticides and more. When properly activated, Klozur persulfate provides an unmatched combination of oxidative power and control that can be delivered both safely and cost efficiently. 
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O-Sox� for Well Applications
By Adventus Group
O-Sox are available in sleeves or reusable stainless steel canisters, in varying sizes and longevities. Benefits of O-Sox� Canister System: all the field proven benefits of EHC-O, available for 2�, 4� and 6� wells, reusable stainless steel canister for quick and easy change-out.
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DataPack 2010 CPT Data Acquisition System
By Vertek (Applied Research Associates, Inc.)
VERTEK’s DataPack 2010 is a feature-packed, field portable Cone Penetrometer Technology (CPT) data acquisition and analysis package combining the capabilities of our digital CPT cones, the FFD (fuel fluorescence detector) probes, seismic geophone equipped cones, and other specialized Vertek probes. Developed as a simple ‘all-in-one’ solution for Geotechnical and Environmental commercial CPT service providers, this new version incorporates USB connectivity ...
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Geoweb Slope Protection System
By Presto Geosystems
The Presto Geoweb® slope protection system confines and reinforces the vegetated upper soil layer, increasing its resistance to erosive and sliding forces.  The system is an economical solution to challenging slope-surface stability problems while meeting a wide range of performance and aesthetic requirements.

The Geoweb system’s cellular structure supports topsoil and vegetation on slope surfaces that otherwise could not support sustainable ...
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Sediment trap
By KC-Denmark A/S
General: The construction of the sediment trap array ensures a permantly vertical position of the sampling tubes during deployment. The steering fin (optional) and the pivot joints force the array to be held at right angle to the current. Options: The system is fully configurable. All parts are detachable and the main rack can be attached with 1, 2, 3 or 4 tubes to suit your needs for analysis. The Sediment Trap consist of detachable cylindrical sampling tubes mounted ...
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Groundwater Filters
By Waterra USA Inc.
Waterra currently has two Inline Disposable 0.45 Micron Filter options available — the high turbidity FHT-45 and the NEW medium turbidity FMT-45. Recently, we`ve added a 0.2 micron filter to our product line as well — the CAP300X2.  All three filter types attach easily to a variety of pumps, tubing, and other sampling devices such as our Clear PVC Ecobailer or the Eco-Pro Bigmouth Bailers. All Waterra Inline Disposable Micron Filters are pre-rinsed ...
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